Renfe’s Exclusive Offer: AVE From Valencia to Asturias for Less Than 20 Euros

New AVE Service to Connect Valencian Community and Asturias, for less than 20 Euros – Grab Your Tickets Now

Renfe, Spain’s national railway company, has announced an exciting launch offer that is set to revolutionize travel between Valencia and the enchanting region of Asturias. As of the end of November, a brand-new AVE service will whisk passengers from the sun-kissed shores of Valencia to the lush landscapes of Asturias. Renfe’s extraordinary campaign is putting 25,000 AVE tickets on sale, allowing travelers to embark on this awe-inspiring journey for as little as 18 euros and in a mere five and a half hours.

A Seamless Connection: Valencia to Asturias

The connection between the Valencia and Asturias has never been smoother. Renfe’s latest AVE service will soon commence operations, linking the Valencian Community with not only Asturias but also Castilla y León. To mark this significant development, Renfe is launching a special offer that enables Valencians to explore the picturesque landscapes of Asturias for a remarkable price, starting from just 18 euros. Travelers can indulge in a captivating journey that encompasses less than six hours of travel time.

These irresistible “super prices from 18 euros,” as highlighted by the railway company itself, are scheduled for release on Thursday, November 2, and will be available for a limited period of 10 days, concluding on November 11. The 25,000 tickets offered in this launch campaign can be acquired for travel between November 30 – coinciding with the launch of the service to Gijón – and February 15, 2024, making it the perfect opportunity to seize the next long weekend, including December holidays and the festive Christmas season.

Renfe is making these tickets accessible through all their sales channels, ensuring convenience for all travelers. These channels include station ticket offices, the dedicated telephone line at 912 320 320, self-service machines, travel agencies, as well as through Renfe’s official website and the Renfe mobile app.

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 A Smooth Journey Between Valencia and Gijón

Despite the absence of a direct rail connection between the Valencian Community and Asturias, the journey between these two regions has been significantly streamlined. Travelers will make a seamless transfer between Joaquín Sorolla station in Valencia and the Chamartín-Clara Campoamor station in Madrid. From the latter, a train will transport passengers to the scenic beauty of Asturias. 

This journey from Valencia to Asturias is estimated to take approximately five hours, offering a glimpse of Spain’s diverse landscapes along the way.

Moreover, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility, and Urban Agenda has revealed that, in the initial phase of the service, new frequencies will be introduced. This means that travel time between Valencian and Madrid will be reduced by a significant time. Looking ahead, additional AVE and Avlo services, as well as further reductions in travel times, are planned for the benefit of passengers.

Renfe’s remarkable campaign is poised to make the dream of exploring the stunning Asturian landscapes an affordable reality for travelers from the Valencian Community. As the Valencian region and Asturias become more closely connected than ever, these unbeatable travel offers are your ticket to an unforgettable journey through the heart of Spain. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to uncover the enchanting beauty of Asturias – book your tickets today! The tickets are expected to get sold very quickly.

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