Valencia City Council Outlines Its Cultural Campaign

The city council and the Visit Valencia Foundation has today presented the city’s cultural proposals at FITUR’s Plaza Central in Madrid, the largest exhibition promoting outbound and inbound tourism from Latin America, writes Laura Menendez

Valencia’s stand at FITUR will be in Pavillion 7, making a strong standpoint on supporting digital formats that reflect Valencia’s image. 

A screen displays videos on replay introducing the main campaigns: ‘El Santo Grial’, the ‘Gay Games’ candidature, the city’s sport agenda, the project ‘Etiqueta Inteligente de Sostenibilidad Turística’, its gastronomy, ‘las Fallas’, and a ‘what to do’ agenda called ‘unique Valencia’. Additionally, it allows access to the infotools for Visit Valencia, which allows access to all tourist information regarding Valencia from any mobile device. 

Emiliano García, tourism chief at the city council, presented two big projects that aim to make Valencia a first-class tourism destination in the upcoming season (2021-2022). The two initiatives, ‘Valencia, Destino del Santo Grial’ and ‘Valencia, Capital Mundial del Diseño’, aim to merge Valencia’s modernity and tradition, reaching what he terms “a perfect equilibrium”. 

During the first day of the 41st Feria Internacional del Turismo, Valencia’s city council has brought to recognition the fundamental resources that help understand the story of a city whose culture is one of its main assets. Both projects show how Valencia strikes a perfect balance between tradition and the avant-garde. So we see on the one hand, ‘Valencia, Capital del Diseño 2022’, and on the other ‘Segundo Año Jubilar del Santo Grial’.

“We have in Valencia the only Grail recognised by the Vatican City as possibly authentic. It’s an element of communion for Catholics and those who practise pilgrimage tourism,” says García. He also emphasised the relic’s historic, cultural and symbolic appeal: “It embraces universal positive values that turn it into a symbol of cultural union.”

Antonio Bernabé, director of Visit Valencia, stressed the two greater pillars of the campaign: a promotional video referencing Indiana Jones’ adventures, which generates an atmosphere of intrigue and mystery surrounding the relic, and a digital scavenger hunt for the ‘Santo Grial’, a mobile app that improves the experience of Valencia, going through 11 locations throughout the city. All of this in addition to the ‘Rutal del Grial’, which starts in San Juan de la Peña and has Valencia as its final destination, which is currently being set up. 

Valencia Capital Mundial del Diseño 2022’ is the city’s greatest initiative to promote Valencia both nationally and internationally as a creative and design-driven hotspot, showcasing Valencia’s professionals and their worth. ‘Mapa del Disenny’ (The Map of Design) is a reference guide that promotes those spaces (galleries, restaurants, museums, cafes, hotels, shops and so on) that are recognised  for their design as a distinctive element.

With this initiative, the city aims to support and increase visibility of the Valencian design sector, both at an individual and collective level. Its aim is to increase the worth of design in what the city can offer. 
On Thursday 20 May, Valencia collected the prize ‘FITUR Activo’ (Active FITUR) for the geocaching of the Santo Grial. In the evening, Valencia’s sports tourism offer was presented. On Friday, on the last day of FITUR, the candidature for Gay Games, sustainability projects and female Eurobasketball are also unveiled.

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