Ikea Solar Panels On Their Way To Spain

The company estimates potential sales of 6 million units and savings of up to 70% of the monthly energy bill…

Swedish furniture giant Ikea has announced that it will begin to sell its solar panel kits in Spain and Portugal in the coming months. An ambitious goal has been set – the company expects to sell up to 6 million solar kits on this market. Ikea Solar Panels are currently available in the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia and France, so sales estimates are not wishful thinking. Products like this are going to be sold all over the country, but some will benefit more than others. With its famous days of sunlight, in some areas more than 3000 hours per year, La Comunidad Valenciana will be one of the top beneficiaries.

It’s hard to estimate the impact of this news, but this is a necessary step in the right direction in a world that expects 45 per cent of its energy to be generated by solar panels by 2050.

This isn’t your average Billy book shelf you’d be able to pick up in the store and put together in the afternoon. Ikea will contract local companies for the installation, but the entire process is expected to be completed on the same day.

The prices for the Spanish market are still unknown, but since the panels are already sold in other European markets, the cost in Spain can be estimated.

The product will be sold in three different options:

  1. Rooftop (€4,000): Pack of 6 solar panels in blue.
  2. Rooftop PLUS (€4,250): 6 black solar panels with higher efficiency specifications.
  3. Built-in PLUS (€ 6,000): higher spec system with a different finish, specially designed to be better integrated on the rooftops.

Once the panels are installed, you will be able to connect directly to the grid or store energy in a specially designed battery. The 6.5kWh battery will cost an additional €3,000, but will store unused energy and provide additional savings.

Ikea estimates that you could save about 70% of your energy bill by installing this kit. In a study conducted in the United Kingdom (not known for the abundance of sunshine), average savings are estimated at around €450 per year and are expected to be much higher in Spain. In this way, the entire system, without the battery, should be repaid within 10 years, and even faster with the battery. The company has not yet shared any information on the system’s warranty and durability.

The greatest benefit, apart from the savings, will be the environmental impact and the fact that we are finally going to do something about our planet. If a target of 6 million is reached, in Spain and Portugal alone, there will be a massive reduction in emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It will also standardise the solar panel industry, boost the solar panel service industry and provide endless supplies of easy-to-replace parts.

This is also a great opportunity for Spanish banks to participate in the project by financing it, as in other European countries.

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