Internet In Valencia – The Worst In All Of Spain

According to government data, the Internet in Valencia cannot get any worse – which is why the Province will receive the majority of the Banda Ancha Fund

According to data released this week by Spain’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, the provinces of Alicante and Valencia have the worst broadband coverage in the country.

In accordance with European regulations, the government has classified connections into two types: white and gray. A white area has internet coverage of less than 30 Mbps, whereas a gray area has coverage of less than 100 Mbps but only from one operator. There are 222,691 white areas and 35,455 gray areas spread across the country, affecting 1,583,604 homes, 1,326,349 of which are in white areas and 257,255 in gray areas.

If we look at the provinces, Valencia has the worst connectivity because it has 18,471 white and gray areas with 82,496 properties that are not connected to the internet. Alicante comes in second with 17,974 white and gray areas and 65,708 affected properties. Surprisingly, Castellón is the best-connected province in the Comunidad Valenciana, with only 8,244 areas without or with poor internet access. Overall, the Comunidad Valenciana is by far the least connected region, accounting for more than 20% of the total.

The numbers from Spain’s best regions show how far this is from decent areas. The provinces of Segovia, Navarra, and Alava have the fewest white and gray areas (764, 1,128 and 1,348, respectively), while Ceuta and Melilla have only 25 and 9, respectively.

The good news is that Comunidad Valenciana will be eligible for a larger share of the €250 million Unico-Banda Ancha state aid that will try to bridge this gap and assist local government in finding solutions for nearly 200.000 homes in Comunidad with bad connections. The exact amounts for each province should be published in the coming weeks, and the funds are expected to begin flowing before the end of the year.

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