Rave-olution: 5,000 Partygoers Take Over La Peza Village For Epic 6-Day Bash

Residents of the small Spanish village of La Peza were left in shock after around 5,000 people arrived in their community for an illegal rave that lasted for six days straight.

An illegal rave that took place in a small Spanish village just before the New Year has caused quite a stir and left residents and authorities alike scratching their heads. 

The party, which took place outside the village of La Peza, in the Granada province, attracted around 5,000 people who arrived in trucks and caravans and set up tents, food stands, and seven music stages in the countryside, just a kilometer from the village center.

According to Fernando Álvarez, the mayor of La Peza, the party-goers had no permits and simply appeared at the village out of nowhere. 

“We’re 1,200 people here. Imagine, we woke up Friday morning and there were 5,200 people. By Saturday we were 6,000,” said Álvarez. “Truthfully, it was a bit chaotic.”

The party featured music that played nonstop for 24 hours a day, and T-shirts, soap, juices, pizzas, fried empanadas, and beer were sold throughout the festival. The event was attended by people from all over Spain and Western Europe, including Belgians, Dutch, and Italians.

 According to reports, entry was free and revelers could be seen dancing to electronic versions of popular songs like the Macarena.

When the mayor of La Peza learned about the party, he filed a complaint with the national police. However, instead of trying to shut down the event, the police decided to just keep watch over it. 

“We prefer that the party dissolve by itself. An eviction would generate more problems,” a representative for Spain’s law enforcement agency, the Civil Guard, told the media.

The police did take some action, though. They barricaded the roads in an attempt to stem the flow of people coming to the party, and they arrested a handful of people for drug offenses or resisting authority. However, it seems that the majority of partygoers were able to attend the event without any issues.

One thing that has puzzled authorities and residents alike is the fact that no central organizer for the rave has stepped forward. The event was promoted by 22 different music groups, and when asked how they learned about the location of the party, many attendees simply said it was through word of mouth and refused to give any further details. 

One Belgian partygoer even told the media: “Magic.”

Despite the lack of a clear organizer, the party was apparently very well put together. “Frankly it was magnificently organized,” Álvarez said. “It was like a small town. They had a bakery, pizzeria, clothing shops, people who would braid your hair – they had absolutely everything. I’m amazed that they managed to set that all up in the span of a few hours.”

At first, it seemed that the party might never end. It was scheduled to end on Tuesday, but the music didn’t die down until Wednesday morning, when tents and stages started to be dismantled. Even then, some of the illegal festivities were still ongoing on Wednesday, according to local media. “Let’s hope that at some point it will end because this is already a bit desperate,” Álvarez said on Wednesday.

Despite the chaos and disruption caused by the party, not everyone in La Peza was unhappy about it. In fact, some residents have even asked the partygoers to come back next year.

“We have asked them to come again next year, so that we are going to spend New Year’s Eve together,” a 30-year-old resident named Elena told the media. Several women at the local market also said their daughters had joined the party, and it was the talk of the town.

This was definitely an event that has left a lasting impression on the small village. The sheer scale of the party, which attracted around 5,000 people and featured seven music stages, is something that residents of La Peza are unlikely to forget anytime soon. It’s also a reminder of the challenges that authorities can face when it comes to dealing with large-scale events that are organized outside of the usual channels.

The fact that the party was held without any permits and that the organizers have not come forward has raised questions about who is responsible for ensuring that events like this are carried out safely and in compliance with the law. It’s also unclear whether the partygoers who attended the event will face any consequences for their involvement.

Despite these issues, it’s clear that the party was a popular and memorable event for many of the people who attended. The fact that some residents of La Peza are already looking forward to next year’s party shows that it struck a chord with the community.

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