Largest Hotel In Valencia Opens in Patacona

American property company Greystar, owner and manager of student residences around the world, has opened its first hotel in Valencia…

With 442 rooms, Resa Patacona in Alboraya is now the biggest hotel in the metropolitan area of Valencia.

The hotel’s target market are people who are looking to combine urban and beach holidays, as well as digital nomads, reports.

In addition to the rooms, each of the hotel’s eight floors have common areas such as a kitchen, a lounge and areas reserved for work.

A few days after opening, the hotel had 40 of its 442 rooms occupied but with the end of the state of emergency and the opening of regional borders, Greystar expects this number to rapidly increase.

Patacona beach has long been popular with locals due to its proximity to Valencia City, but it is now expected to host many more national and international tourists thanks to the new hotel.

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