Marijuana Plant Busted In Spain For Failure To Pay For Electricity

A well-organised marijuana plant in a sleepy Valencian town was busted because its owners wanted to save money on electricity costs.

During a recent raid on a house in the sleepy Valencian town of Albalat Dels Tarongers, police discovered an illegal marijuana plant as well as over 750 pot plants in various stages of growth and over 2,300 buds, as well as numerous effects and sophisticated electrical instruments designed to power the crops (lamps, fans, air conditioners, ozone machines and filters), and odour and noise inhibitors.

The agents were able to confirm that each room in the house was utilised for various stages of cultivation. One chamber is for seedlings, another for growing, two for flowering, and one for harvesting and drying. As a consequence, three persons were detained for public health violations (cultivation and preparation of drugs).

But it wasn’t the neighbours or the presence of dubious characters in a little Valencian community renowned largely, and only, for the cultivation of oranges that triggered the alarm.

It was really the gang’s decision to connect illegally to the power system in order to save money on electricity and make their operation even more profitable.

After that, specialists from the electrical company, Iberdrola, were able to notice the significant spike in electricity usage, and after some time examining the situation, they told the police about the likely location. Because Albalat Dels Tarongers is such a small community, it didn’t take long for the authorities to find out what was going on.

Marijuana micro-growers have started using ancient and usually derelict houses in tiny Spanish villages in the Valencia region as micro marijuana plants. A recent example in Castellon, where they rented a newly refurbished house and abandoned it after half a year, causing €300.000 damage to a landlord who was glad to let his property “online,” is still fresh in everyone’s mind.

Police in Spain, a country with the biggest marijuana production in Europe, have their hands full, but they occasionally get a helpful hand from foolish criminals. A large shipment of marijuana was seized in the province of Alicante around 3 months ago, transported in a stolen car. Once captured, the perpetrators truly acknowledged that they didn’t want to utilise their own vehicles for fear of being implicated in the crime.

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