New Flights From Valencia Airport: A Flashback To Better Times

Unrestricted air travel will be one of the first signs of normalisation after the pandemic; with luck, the recently announced new flights from Valencia Airport are indicative of such signs…

Everyone, including airlines, is hoping for some kind of tourist season this summer. After suffering huge losses, the flight companies are announcing new lines, and with luck there will be no cancellations.

Vueling is now selling tickets to two new destinations: Menorca and Santiago de Compostela. Beginning 23 June, the new route to Menorca will have four weekly frequencies, with flights every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The connection to Santiago de Compostela will also begin on 23 June and will connect Valencia with the Galician capital on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Vueling, which maintained connectivity in Spain during the worst months of the pandemic, particularly between the peninsula and the islands, has stressed that it maintains its priority of ensuring maximum protection and the health of both its passengers and employees.

Air Nostrum has an arguably more ambitious plan, adding new lines and flights beginning in April. The Bilbao-Valencia route will now have four weekly flights, and passengers will now be able to fly to Seville five times per week. The airline intends to recoup all of the traffic to the Balearics it lost during the pandemic. Up to ten flights per week will now be added to the Valencia-Ibiza route, planes will fly three times per week from Valencia to Menorca and nine times per week from Valencia to Palma. In addition, there will be three weekly flights from Alicante to Ibiza.

What’s interesting about Air Nostrum is that it operates at an amazing 62% capacity compared to the previous year. This percentage is even higher on routes from Valencia, ranging from 74% on a flight to Menorca to 86% on flights to Ibiza. What we cannot read in the tea leaves, it is to be hoped, we can read in the airlines’ expansion schedule.

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