Valencia Aims to Soar to New Heights with Direct New York Flight in 2024

With the large influx of American tourists, it was only a matter of time before we saw a direct connection to the US and Valencia-New York, might be the first one.

The possibility of a direct air link between Valencia and New York in 2024 is now on the horizon, according to Nuria Montes, Minister of Innovation, Industry, Commerce, and Tourism. 

Montes recently announced that her department is actively engaged in negotiations with multiple airlines to make this ambitious flight route a reality, potentially as early as next summer.

In her statement, Montes emphasized the growing demand for transatlantic travel and the economic potential that a Valencia-New York connection could unlock. The key player in these discussions is Delta Airlines, although Montes clarified that discussions are ongoing with multiple airlines, underscoring the substantial interest and market conditions that favor such a route.

“We believe that there is a lot of interest,” she remarked, highlighting the extensive demand and favorable circumstances that make this venture feasible. Montes also expressed the intention to establish one or more connections with one or more airports in the Valencian Community to cater to the diverse demand.

Montes drew attention to the significance of the American market for Valencia, noting that even without a direct connection, it already constitutes the city’s most vital international market. Tourists from the United States, despite the absence of a direct flight, now account for over 11% of hotel stays in the city, seriously competing with Italians, Dutch, and British during the current season.

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A direct air connection with the United States holds the promise of tapping into a market comprising hundreds of millions of potential travelers, extending not only to the United States but also encompassing Mexico and Canada. Montes conveyed her confidence in realizing this aspiration, firmly asserting that she and her government are unwavering in their commitment to this objective.

However, Montes acknowledged the existence of challenges on the path to establishing this new route. Among the foremost obstacles are the complexities of aircraft manufacturing and the imperative to reduce environmental impacts. The aviation industry’s pursuit of more sustainable and eco-friendly aircraft presents a formidable hurdle in bringing this vision to fruition.

The implications of this connection extend far beyond the immediate convenience for travelers. A Valencia-New York route would open the doors to a colossal market encompassing not only the United States but also Mexico and Canada. It represents an opportunity for businesses, cultural exchange, and economic growth on both sides of the Atlantic.

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