Palau Gardens To Host Eight Free Concerts This Week

Starting this Wednesday, Palau Gardens will host a free mini-festival featuring Valencian performers.

Starting this Wednesday, Palau Gardens will host a free mini-festival featuring Valencian performers.

“We want to invite all Valencians to eight very special concerts to enjoy our artists’ work and art together.”

With these words, Gloria Tello, Councilor for Culture and President of the Palau de la Musica, invited the public to the eight free and open-air concerts, which will take place in the Palau Gardens on October 6, 8, 9, and 10.

It is a mini-festival of music performed by a wide range of artists, varying from the Valencia Municipal Symphonic Band to musicians from all of Valencia’s musical societies, as well as Rock and Pop groups and artists such as Revolver, Sole Giménez, Badlands, Lisasinson, Julio Bustamante & Lavanda, and Sienna.

“We prepared these eight concerts with great enthusiasm,” Tello continued, “with the goal of helping to reactivate the cultural sector’s economy and contributing to the desired cultural normalcy.” It is a necessary event for people who have suffered greatly as a result of the global health crisis.”

Admission to Palau Gardens is free but the capacity is limited.  Seats for the general public can be reserved in advance on the Palau website,

The Municipal Symphonic Band will be the first to take the stage set up in the Palau Gardens on October 6, to perform their traditional October 9 concert at 7.30 p.m. Moorish marches, pasodobles, dances, and symphonic pieces by David Pont, Salvador Giner, Miguel Asensi Martin, Antonio Palanca, Bernardo Adam Ferrero, Oscar Navarro, and maestro Serrano will be performed under the direction of Rafael Sanz-Espert.

Two days later, on Friday, the event will continue with music performed by artists from all of València’s musical societies and the Valencia city region under the banner of “Sons de festa,” directed by Celia Torá Mateo. Ignacio Sánchez, Francisco Esteve, Sal Gómez, Ramón Garc I Soler, Juan Bautista González, Francisco Valor, Rafael Mullor, Amando Blanquer, José Rafael Pascual, Enrique Alborch, and José Padilla will perform a programme of very colourful and rhythmic works.

The stage will be taken over by Valencian rock and pop groups the following day, Saturday October 9, with performances beginning at 7:00 p.m. by Julio Busdamente & Lavanda, Sole Giménez, and Revólver.

Finally, beginning at 7:00 p.m. on October 10, the public will be able to enjoy the music of Lisasinson, Sienna, and Badlands.

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