Rovella – New Housing Development In The Heart Of El Carmen

Rovella is one of Valencia’s most ambitious construction projects in recent years, with AEDAS Homes restoring a 9th-century Andalusian mill in its new development of 40 homes, finally filling the ugly empty plot on Salvador Giner Street in El Carmen.

AEDAS Homes, one of Spain’s largest construction companies, will soon begin with a unique housing development in its ambitious project, Rovella, in El Carmen, Valencia. Around the restored 9th-century Andalusian mill, the company will construct 40 new homes (30 multi-family blocks and 10 semi-detached houses). Once completed, the apartments with 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms will be available to the public for prices ranging from €185,000 to €510,000 per square metre, with an average square metre price of close to €4,000.

Rovella is a one-of-a-kind development that will be built around the archaeological remains of a 9th-century Andalusian mill called “Mol Califal de Roteros,” which was once powered by the Rovella irrigation canal. It is the oldest material evidence of a working garden in Valencia. The mill’s ruins will be rehabilitated and transferred to the City Council, reclaiming a valuable historical resource that can also be visited. Once the development is completed and the mill is restored, it will be open to the public for viewing on the building’s arcaded ground floor.

“With this project, AEDAS Homes will regenerate the city centre and restore a ruined historical heritage.” “Our company is dedicated to urban conservation and the preservation of an important cultural heritage,” Juan López, Territorial Director of AEDAS Homes in Levante and the Balearic Islands, explained.

The Rovella development will include communal areas, a gym, a porter’s area, bicycle parking, garages, and community storage rooms, according to the project. “This development stands out on the market as a one-of-a-kind and high-quality residence in an iconic area of Valencia with no new construction projects,” says Cristina Andrés, Development Manager of AEDAS Homes in Valencia.

rovella square

It would be difficult to find a better location for a new development. Rovella is located in the El Carmen neighbourhood, close to the Turia garden, the Carmen Cultural Centre, the Central Market, schools, and other points of interest, and just a short distance from the Serrano towers and Torres de Quart, both of which are located within the city’s old walls. What’s more, it will spread over a long abandoned plot on Salvador Giner street, closing the ugly gap between the buildings in one of the city’s most beautiful areas.

Among the main qualities and characteristics of Rovella homes is their design, which allows for maximum use of space and a wide range of typologies. The new development will even include an interior square where the ten semi-detached houses will be constructed.

According to AEDAS Homes, this development is intended for all types of clients, but especially for those who want to be in the city centre but in houses that are better suited to 21st century needs.

“There is a high demand from the public, particularly families who value the location, facilities, and comfort, for such a location in the heart of the old city, barrio El Carmen, and next to the Turia River,” Cristina Andrés explained. “This is already reflected in a high volume of pre-commercialization inquiries.”

There was a lot of press recently announcing that Valencia had run out of building plots and that any new developments would have to be relocated outside of the city limits. Building on an abandoned plot is obviously a good alternative, and given the state of Ciutat Vella and so many visual blemishes, we can hope that this is a sign of better times to come. Definitely a positive sign.

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