Tax Deduction For The Installation Of Solar Panels In Catarroja

Catarroja will grant a 50 to 95 per cent tax discount to encourage the installation of photovoltaic panels in municipal homes.

In a small step for the City Council but a huge step for La Comunidad Valenciana, Catarroja has decided to take the lead in achieving a reduction in greenhouse gases (GHG) by giving a discount on the installation of solar panels in Catarroja.

The City Council of Catarroja has begun to encourage the installation of photovoltaic panels in the homes of the municipality. The aim is to promote the production and consumption of energy through tax credits applied to the Property and Real Estate Tax (IBI), the Construction, Facilities and Works Tax (ICIO) and the Economic Activity Tax (IAE) paid by companies.

According to officials, this measure is a very important step towards promoting the use of solar panels and reducing emissions of polluting gases. With this decision, little Catarroja is leading the way in La Comunidad Valenciana and hopes that it will contribute to the decarbonisation and sustainability of the city.

While there is a 50% discount on IBI and IAE taxes, the ICIO tax discount will be a high 95 per cent. The discount will apply for a period of five years from the date of installation, a generous period that will help to recover a large part of the installation costs. By doing so, Catarroja has made a significant contribution to achieving the 2030 GHG targets of the European Union.

In the province with 2,750 sunshine hours per year and an average of five sunshine hours per day in December and January, solar power generation is the right way to go. With Spain’s recently revised legal framework, this type of energy is much more accessible today than it was a few years ago. Put in the mix a recent announcement from Ikea that it will start selling its super cheap solar kits in Spain (but only on the Internet) and relatively low property prices in Catarroja and start asking yourself – when should I move?

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