Student Accommodation In Valencia: In High Demand Again

Student Accommodation in Valencia is in high demand again, as it has been confirmed that the new university year will be “face to face” once more.

The market for student accommodation in Valencia has been “strongly” reactivated for the upcoming academic year. However, there is a distinction between this year’s results and those of previous years. Apartments are popular right now, and because of concerns about coronavirus infections, they are much more in demand than student housing.

The Association of Real Estate Agents of Valencia (API) confirmed this, stating that “demand has already reached pre-pandemic levels, since it has been confirmed that the 2021-2022 university course will be the same as it used to be – face-to-face.”

According to Vicente Diez, the Association’s spokesperson, the increased demand for flats is due to the fact that this type of housing provides more security for students. “Students prefer to live in groups of three or four in apartments for health security reasons rather than with more people in a residence,” he explained.

In a statement, Diez stated that 2021 will be a good year for rentals, especially since demand for three and four-bedroom apartments has increased.

However, there are still plenty of units available for students at the moment, though the Association of Real Estate Agents predicts that by September or October, as was the case in the years preceding the pandemic, there will not be much left to choose from.

The vaccination process and increased certainty have resulted in a stabilization of student apartment prices, which have risen by 5 to 10% after falling by a similar percentage due to lower demand last year.

The demand for student accommodation in Valencia remains concentrated primarily in areas near university faculties, such as along Blasco Ibáñez or in Benimaclet, though areas near beaches, such as Cabanyal and Malvarrosa, are also in high demand.

The majority of students looking for housing are Spanish, but the API believes that as the international health situation improves, foreign students will be able to enroll throughout the course.

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