Turia Park Set For Transformation With A New Development Plan

The city council of Valencia has announced a project to improve Turia Park, a popular green space in the city. The project will take eight months to complete and aims to come up with a plan for the park’s future and ensure it is sustainable.

The city council has just announced plans to improve the Jardín del Túria (Turia Park), a large green space in the city. The project, which has a budget of 72,500 euros and will take eight months to complete, aims to get a better understanding of the park and come up with a plan for its future. Tura Park is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, covering 123 hectares and almost 10 kilometers of length. The council wants to make sure the park is sustainable and takes into account the needs of the public as well as the city’s commitment to being a European Green Capital in 2024.

The project will be carried out by CERCLE Territorio, Paisaje y Arquitectura, and is part of the celebrations for the 35th anniversary of the park. The council has modified the requirements for the project in order to move forward with the plans. The deputy mayor and councilor for Urban Ecology, Sergi Campillo, said the time is right to develop a long-term plan for the park. He added that Turia Park is an important part of the city, used by millions of people every year, and it’s important to address any problems and find ways to improve and preserve it.

The improvement plan will focus on conserving and enhancing the green infrastructure in the city, as well as its natural and cultural heritage and biodiversity. The council wants to involve all the stakeholders in the city in the development of the plan, with a particular emphasis on nature-based solutions. Campillo said the plan will serve as a roadmap for the conservation and enhancement of Turia Park and will be developed in an open and participatory way.

Overall, the project aims to make sure Turia Park is well-equipped to handle the needs of the public and the challenges of the future. The council is committed to making the park a success and ensuring it remains a beloved spot for locals and tourists alike.

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