The Three-Euro Valencian Cheese is Among the World’s Best

Valencian cheese ‘Capricho Homenaje Natural’ by the company Granja Rinya received the Super Gold recognition at the World Cheese Awards 2023

Celebrating a culinary triumph, Valencian cheese ‘Capricho Homenaje Natural’ by Granja Rinya has ascended to global acclaim, securing the prestigious ‘Super Gold’ recognition at the esteemed World Cheese Awards 2023. This revelation catapults the Valencian cheese making into the echelons of the world’s finest, a testament to its exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

What makes this accolade even more remarkable is the accessibility of this Valencian cheese, available at local supermarkets for a mere three euros per 150-gram piece. In the gastronomic landscape, where excellence often comes at a premium, ‘Capricho Homenaje Natural’ defies the norm, inviting connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to savor its distinctive flavors without breaking the bank.

Crafted by the adept artisans at Granja Rinya, situated in the town of Albal, this cheese boasts a heritage rooted in three generations of livestock expertise. From humble beginnings as livestock originators, the journey led them to embrace dairy farming, evolving into one of the nation’s foremost cheese factories. The award-winning delicacy is born from pasteurized cow’s milk, exhibiting a white paste and undergoing a maturation period of less than fifteen days.

Describing this, from this month very famous Valencian cheese, the company accentuates its creamy texture and a nuanced yet distinct flavor, attributes that have undoubtedly contributed to its Super Gold medal and the title of the best Spanish cheese at the World Cheese Awards. Granja Rinya’s commitment to quality is reflected not only in their accolades but also in their expansive operations, currently boasting three production plants strategically located in Albal (Valencia), Manzanares (Ciudad Real), and Chiva (Valencia).

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The Valencian cheese factory maintains control over their entire production process, managing more than 400 cows and 4,000 sheep in closed-cycle farms. This holistic approach allows them to oversee every facet, from cultivating their own grass to ensure optimal nutrition for their animals, thereby securing the finest raw materials. The result is a commitment to the well-being of their livestock, ensuring a seamless journey from birth to product acquisition.

For those eager to experience this award-winning Valencian cheese, it’s readily available at a modest price of 3 euros per 150-gram piece or 16.5 euros per kilo. Local shops  like Consum supermarkets and Pollos Planes  proudly feature these exquisite offerings, allowing consumers to indulge in the allure of ‘Capricho Homenaje Natural’ without compromising on quality or budget.

The World Cheese Awards, a beacon of discernment in the culinary world, assembles a panel of 16 global experts to adjudicate cheeses, awarding distinctions ranging from bronze to the coveted Super Gold. In 2023, the title of the world’s best cheese was bestowed upon the Norwegian company Gangstad Gårdsysteri for its Nidelven Blå blue cheese, marking an illustrious chapter in the annual cheese saga.

It is not the first time Granya Rinya has acheived an international success.  In the international  World Cheese Awards 2015-16 competition  held in Birmingham (England), otheir Queso Artesano Reserva has been awarded the Gold Medal  in its category, while the  Manchego DO Viejo has obtained the Silver medal .

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