Who Is Erin Carter? – Unveiling  Locations in Barcelona and Sitges

Netflix’s electrifying series, ‘Who Is Erin Carter?’, has set the streaming world abuzz. This gripping crime-thriller unfolds against the mesmerizing backdrop of Barcelona and the charming town of Sitges, where mystery and danger lurk around every corner.

Netflix’s latest sensation, “Who Is Erin Carter?”, has taken the streaming world by storm, capturing millions of viewers in its enigmatic web of suspense and intrigue. 

This seven-part crime-thriller series introduces viewers to the charismatic expat substitute teacher, Erin Carter, whose life in Spain takes an unexpected dark twist. Set primarily in the picturesque locations of Barcelona and Sitges, this show combines a rich narrative with breathtaking action sequences to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Filming in Catalonia: The Spanish Connection

The captivating backdrop of Catalonia, Spain, lends an air of authenticity to the series. Most notably, the vibrant city of Barcelona serves as the primary setting, showcasing iconic landmarks like La Sagrada Familia and La Rambla. These instantly recognizable locales immerse viewers into Erin Carter’s world of intrigue and danger.

The coastal neighborhood of La Barceloneta adds an extra layer of authenticity to the beach scenes, but the real gem in the series’ filming locations is the charming town of Sitges. Situated 20 miles south of Barcelona, Sitges serves as the location of Erin and Harper’s home, providing a picturesque yet mysterious setting for pivotal moments in the series.

The Enigmatic Plot

“Who Is Erin Carter?” revolves around the life of Erin Carter, portrayed brilliantly by Swedish actor Evin Ahmad. Erin, a British expat schoolteacher living in Barcelona with a murky past, becomes embroiled in a series of events that threaten her newfound life in Spain. Her husband, Jordi Collantes (played by Sean Teale), is an ER nurse, and their 10-year-old daughter, Harper (Indica Watson), attends an exclusive international school.

Erin’s life takes a dramatic turn when she courageously thwarts a pair of armed robbers during a supermarket heist. This heroic act raises questions about her true identity and hidden skills, leading to a relentless pursuit by dangerous individuals from her past. Police detective Emilio Martin (Pep Ambròs) and school administrator Olivia Thorne (Susannah Fielding) are among the characters drawn into this captivating mystery, alongside Lena Campbell (Denise Gough) and Daniel Lang (Douglas Henshall).

As Erin’s lethal defense skills attract more attention, the series delves into her dark history, unraveling a web of secrets she is not prepared to reveal. The suspense builds as viewers are left questioning Erin’s true identity and the dangerous forces closing in on her.

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Who is Erin Carter? – Critics vs. Audience

Despite a polarized reception among critics, “Who Is Erin Carter?” has struck a chord with its audience. Some critics have been unimpressed, citing clichés and a lack of originality. However, the show’s IMDb rating reflects a more favorable view from the viewers, who have lauded it with a decent rating and eagerly anticipate a second season.

In the end, “Who Is Erin Carter?” transcends the critical divide, offering a gripping narrative set against the backdrop of Barcelona and Sitges. The enigmatic plot, combined with the picturesque Spanish locations, makes this series a must-watch for anyone seeking thrilling drama intertwined with an authentic Spanish experience.

With its suspenseful storyline, talented cast, and stunning filming locations, “Who Is Erin Carter?” keeps viewers guessing and eagerly awaiting what’s next for Erin and her perilous journey in the vibrant streets of Barcelona and the tranquil charm of coastal resort Sitges.

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