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We cannot think of much else that would make us happier. Being a hub for news from Valencia and Comunidad Valenciana, we would really like  to have people from all walks of life write for us and make our conversation here more stimulating and engaging for our readers.

We would love to see your articles and stories grace our pages, and we are sure our community would too. And you would surely love people seeing and engaging with your posts.

Please use this form if you are interested. Describe your topic, let our team approve it, and off we go. Just bear in mind that the topic has to be connected with Valencia and Comunidad, or to Spain in general. If we think you have a good topic, but the angle needs to be changed, we will suggest this too.

We are also open to guest posts, and bloggers in general. Please contact us via this form, and if we think your article is interesting for our readership, we will publish it and link back to your site.

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