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We want you to have more customers.
We want more people to know about your business. 
We want your business to thrive.

Quite simply, our aim is to provide a one-stop-shop for relevant information for our readers and website users in Valencia. That means that the more we can send them straight to a business, the more we have helped them save time in finding a solution that meets their needs.

Their solution can be your gain – and we will have done our job.

We have a range of advertising packages to suit all budgets and marketing goals if you want to advertise in Valencia. This might be improving corporate awareness, launching a new product or service, or a constant reminder that you are there. You might want to rise above your competition on our sponsors page or ensure that you are noticed with a prime position in the magazine.

What is specific about us?
  • We are the only news service in Valencia and Valencia province in English and eight other languages. If you want to advertise in Valencia – this is the place!
  • You will be exposed to a huge foreign market in the Comunidad Valenciana, estimated at 500,000 possible readers.
  • As we are the only service of this kind, we expect to be successful in the international market, too. We consider as a possible market  all the  future residents of Valencia (people considering relocating here and reading the news to get informed), as well as tourists coming to our city and in need of up-to-date information.
  • All the advertising is placed on our servers; we don’t use Google Ads or any other automated software. This guarantees not only the loading speed of our site but the absence of annoying ads that are constantly loading and reloading, pushing the consumer away from the advertiser.
  • Since all the ads are placed on our server, no ad-blocking browsers see them as ads, so you are guaranteed views every time somebody looks at the page.
  • By having a news section, sites like ours will have a high Domain Authority and Page Authority rating. Linking your website with the “dofollow” link will provide you with a huge SEO burst, and change your position in the search engines dramatically. And the prices of links obtained this way are much higher than the prices we charge for advertising.
  • At the moment, since this is a startup, all our advertising prices are discounted 50%. As we can not show certified web-traffic within the first six months, the advertising contracts we are offering are valid for a maximum six months and are priced at a very low rate. After this period, we will revisit our pricing. 

1. Advert placed on the desired place in the magazine
2. Sponsor’s logo
3. Sponsor’s logo on Sponsors’ page
4. Full page on our site ( a type of mini website connected to our domain)
5. Editorial (an article about your business) written by a professional journalist and placed on our site,
that you can later use and re-use as a press release yourself.

Please look at our PRICE LIST for more info

Our advertising team is here to help you to make the right decision and to maximize your ROI (return on investment).  We can even help you to create your advertisement if that is required. If you would like to know more about why you should advertise with us, would like to talk through the many options or wish to receive our media pack, please send us a mail here.


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