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Become a Patron

Valencian is the first of its kind English (+8 more languages) news service in the Comunidad Valenciana, with the mission of providing the ever-growing foreign community with the latest news and opinions on events in the area.

It is a non-profit project, initiated by a few professional journalists hoping to grow even in these difficult times of Pandemic. A project like this, though done from the heart and signed with pure love, still has some costs and bills. We expect that, with the support of our Patrons, we will have more time to focus on our work, to provide free information to our community and to the people who need it.

That is the reason why we opened a page on the well known site If you want to help us, you can look us up on our Patreon Page

There are 3 different levels that will allow you to get involved in our venture:

Support our magazine and our future print issue and you will get your name, city and country mentioned on our Patrons page.​

€5 (monthly)

Naranja Level Benefits +

  1. We can name you as our sponsor on our sponsor pages on both and, with your full contact details and the business logotype. You can still remain anonymous if you wish so.
  2. Make direct request to our editorial team about topics or subjects you would like us to cover.
€8 (monthly)

Paella Level Benefits +

  • You can advertise your business on our sponsors page – you will receive fully independent page where you can publish an article about your business, contact details as well as 2 do-follow links to your site or your social media page. This link in SEO terms is worth €150-250 and will help you to better position your web site on Google. You will also get a small, clickable and very visible ad on our front page.
  • You can publish up to a 4 guest posts on our site every year, in guest post section, and insert 1 do-follow link in each article. We don´t accept any guest posts that are advertising gambling, sex, losing weight product and crypto-currency. The posts will stay on our site as long as you are our Socarrat Level Patron
€11 (monthly)