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Become a Patron

Valencian is the first of its kind English (+8 more languages) news service in the Comunidad Valenciana, with the mission of providing the ever-growing foreign community with the latest news and opinions on events in the area.

It is a non-profit project, initiated by a few professional journalists hoping to grow even in these difficult times of Pandemic. A project like this, though done from the heart and signed with pure love, still has some costs and bills. We expect that, with the support of our Patrons, we will have more time to focus on our work, to provide free information to our community and to the people who need it.

That is the reason why we opened a page on the well known site If you want to help us, you can look us up on our Patreon Page

There are 5 different levels that will allow you to get involved in our venture:

Support our magazine and our future print issue and you will get your name, city and country mentioned on our Patrons page.​

€3+tax (monthly)

Naranja Level Benefits +

  1. Add a photo or an icon to your name, as well as one-line statement or a favorite saying that defines you or your interests. 

2. Make direct request to our editorial team about topics or subjects you would like us to cover.

€5+tax (monthly)

Socarrat Level Benefits +

1. Access to the most important features written for Valencia News 24-48 hours before they are published in the magazine.

2. Advertise your business on our Valencia business page for free

€8+tax (monthly)

Paella Level Benefits +

1 .Copyright free usage of photos on our flickr site, the growing collection of Valencia images.

€15+tax (monthly)

Fallas Level Benefits +

  1. Exclusive interview as to why did you decide to be our patron, on “Meet our Patrons” section on the website, including general discussion on various subjects of interest to our readers.

2. Full business page with your links and list of your services on our website

€25+tax (per month)