Ilusiona Gran Turia – A New Mega Entertainment Centre in the Heart of Valencia

A new and unique macro entertainment centre, Ilusiona Gran Turia, opens in Valencia with bowling alley, mini golf, children’s area and recreational areas.

Valencia welcomes a vibrant addition to its recreational landscape with the inauguration of Ilusiona Gran Turia, an expansive entertainment centre spanning over 4,600 square meters. Nestled within the Gran Turia Shopping Center in Xirivella, this new facility promises a diverse array of leisure activities tailored to audiences of all ages.

Ilusiona, the visionary company behind the project, asserts that this space, situated within the former Gran Turia shopping centre, stands as the preeminent hub for entertainment activities in the entire Levantine capital. Boasting an impressive footprint of more than 4,000 square meters, Ilusiona Gran Turia emerges as a multifaceted entertainment centre, offering an unrivalled variety of options for recreation.

The centrepiece of this dynamic entertainment complex is a state-of-the-art bowling alley featuring 16 professional lanes adorned with immersive LED screens. Ideal for family outings, friendly gatherings, and even romantic escapades, Ilusiona Gran Turia caters to diverse interests with its extensive range of games and recreation options.

Within its expansive confines, visitors can discover a sprawling children’s area spanning over 1000 square meters, designed as a whimsical park with fully themed birthday rooms for the little ones. The facility boasts attractions such as a large ball pool, an American track, slides, and a tricycle track, ensuring a delightful experience for the younger patrons.

For aficionados of action-packed pursuits, Ilusiona Gran Turia offers a mini golf course, a thrilling Laser Tag game, and the innovative ‘Magical Store’—a haven for redeeming points earned in games for exciting prizes. The entertainment space doesn’t stop there; it houses cutting-edge sports machines, arcade games, and introduces new virtual reality and immersive experiences, redefining the very essence of leisure.

Beyond the thrill of games and activities, the centre provides amenities for those seeking respite, including an ice cream parlour and a dedicated cafeteria area. As visitors wind down after a day filled with excitement, they can savour moments of relaxation amid the vibrant atmosphere.

Valencia, renowned for its picturesque open spaces, now boasts an invaluable addition for families with young children. Ilusiona Gran Turia stands as a welcome retreat, enriching the city’s offerings and addressing the need for family-friendly entertainment options, making it a significant and cherished asset for the community.

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