Nine Euro Trains Begin Their Journeys From Today

The so-called Nine Euro Trains, which will carry you from Valencia to Madrid for a minimal fee, will begin regular service today. And it is not a marketing ploy, there are o lots of €9 tickets available on the Ouigo website.





Teenager Determined To End The Captivity Of Dolphins In Spain

A 15-year-old girl is determined to eradicate the captivity of dolphins in Spain. She has launched a public awareness campaign that may cause a stir..



British Tourists Coming To Valencia To Use Fast Track eGates

In order to decrease chaos at airports, the government has permitted British tourists visiting Spain to use fast track eGates. This measure will be implemented at the airports throught out Spain, but most importantly, Valencia and Alicante airports too.



Spanish Hotels Increase Prices 36% As Tourism Takes Off In April

Because of soaring inflation, Spanish hotels are generating more profit than in 2019, despite having fewer tourists on their grounds.

What´s On

Astral Voyage – Art, Soul Music, And An Evening Of Empowerment

Astral Voyage is returning to Valencia for an epic night of live Funk & Soul music, with 2 hours of powerful music and an international band

Low Festival 2022 In Benidorm: The Incredible Lineup

Low Festival 2022 in Benidorm is one of the most spectacular summer music festivals in the Valencian Region. Tickets are still available for purchase online, so if you’re interested, we recommend you act quickly.


Top 10

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Valencia In 2022

Valencia continues to capture the attention of the world’s media. The most recent example is an article published in the UK National Geographic magazine that lists the top ten reasons to visit Valencia in 2022, with the assistance of Visit Valencia, our city’s official tourism organisation.

Top Ten Most Expensive Streets In Spain In 2021

Idealista has compiled a new list of top ten most expensive streets in Spain in 2021 for property purchase, and, predictably, Comunidad Valenciana is nowhere to be found. Mallorca is the reigning champion once more.



Property Price Negotiation In Valencia: Sellers Are Tough Right Now

Property price negotiation in Valencia is proving to be a complicated issue, and our city is now one of the most difficult in all of Spain.


Trains From Valencia Now Run To The North Atlantic Coast

Trains from Valencia and Alicante can now run to cities along Spain’s North Atlantic coast. This is made possible by the Madrid train tunnel, which opened at the beginning of this month and ultimately connected two high-speed networks, north and south.

Biodiversity: It Is Too Late To Save Plants And Animals From Extinction?

Talks are currently underway in Kenya on a new international treaty to tackle dramatic species loss. What exactly is at stake? A frightening report by Deutsche Welle explains…


Spain Will Invest €12,3 Billion To Develop The Microchip Industry

Following significant production delays, Europe wishes to establish its own microchip industry. And Spain will be a significant focal point of this new agenda.

Sodium Ion Charge Batteries To Go Mainstream

Sodium ion charge batteries are gaining traction as a viable replacement for lithium-ion technology. Following the acquisition of UK-based sodium-ion specialist Faradion, industrial behemoths CATL and Reliance Industries are determined to bring the technology out of the lab and into mass production.

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