Covid Passport Fines : Up To €600 For Individuals And €30,000 For Businesses

Harsh Covid passport fines will go into effect this Friday – the Valencian government is expected to adopt the new set of measures in its plenary session as early as this tomorrow.



Hydrogen Vehicles Will Soon Be A Reality

Hydrogen vehicles will be on the road sooner than expected. Technology giant Bosch recently announced a €1 billion investment in new technology, with the clear goal of putting hydrogen lorries on European highways in the near future.




Universal Ticket For Public Transport In Valencia From January 2022

Public transport in Valencia will undergo a complete overhaul beginning in January of next year. The city and surrounding areas will be rezoned, there will be a universal ticket that can be used on any mode of transport, and the tickets will be cheaper as well.



Inflation In Spain – Out Of Control

According to the most recent National Statistics Institute data, inflation in Spain is on its way to new highs not seen in the previous three decades.

What´s On

Vintage Car Exhibition in Valencia – Last Chance Today

If you have time, and  you are close to the old town centre, we suggest you visit the Vintage Car Exhibition in Valencia, and take some selfies.

Cuina Oberta – The Oldest Gastronomic Event In Valencia To Start Soon

One of the most popular gastronomic events, Cuina Oberta, will take place in less than a week, from 11-21 November


Top 10

Top Ten Most Expensive Streets In Spain In 2021

Idealista has compiled a new list of top ten most expensive streets in Spain in 2021 for property purchase, and, predictably, Comunidad Valenciana is nowhere to be found. Mallorca is the reigning champion once more.

Top Ten Most Expensive Properties In Valencia Province

If you want to buy one of the ten most expensive properties in Valencia Province, you can choose from a whole nature reserve, a portion of an ancient monastery, or a massive citrus plantation…



More Britons Than Ever Before Want To Relocate To Spain

According to data from the property portal, there is an increased interest of Britons to relocate to Spain and Portugal to avoid a winter of discontent at home.


15 Things To Do In Valencia, According To “Lonely Planet”

Valencia is increasingly attracting the attention of the media. Lonely Planet published an article last week that confirms this, listing 15 things to do in Valencia that will, according to the author, make the best use of your time.

Covid Passports In Spain: A Region-By-Region Breakdown

Six of the country’s territories have been granted permission from the courts for the document to be presented for access to places such as bars, nightclubs and hospitals. This is a complete breakdown, published by El Pais, showing where the covid passports in Spain are needed at the moment.


Computer Chip Shortage – To Continue In 2022

The semiconductor industry lives at the cutting edge of technological progress. So why do we face computer chip shortage?

Tesla Bot Soon To Take Away Boring Tasks From Humans

The Tesla Bot prototype, a robot that will use cutting-edge AI software to take over boring and repetitive tasks from the human race, will be unveiled next year.