La Mataobras, the Platform That Denounces New Tourist Apartments

Valencia’s struggle against the rising tide of tourist apartments in commercial spaces has found a voice in the citizen initiative ‘La Mataobras.’, a platform where you are able to denounce people trying to convert commercial spaces without a licence




Pollution in Valencia – Still Trailing European Standards

Valencia’s battle against pollution intensifies as the latest report, exposes the city’s most contaminated streets, with Benimaclet emerging as the epicentre of environmental concern. 



A Surge in Home Burglaries Plague Expat Oasis Amidst Growing Vigilante Concerns

In the idyllic expatriate enclave of Pinar de Campoverde, a surge in home burglaries has rattled residents, prompting vigilante patrols due to delayed police responses. It looks like crime-free times of Corona virus crisis are far behind us.



Convent Carmen Prepares its Reopening in Valencia

The new Convent Carmen will be an important cultural venue, as well as a 44-room hotel, with a courtyard for culture, art, gastronomy, music, and leisure activities.

What´s On

Recruiting for Tourism and Hospitality in Valencia

Valencia, a vibrant city known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning Mediterranean coastline, has become a prime destination for tourists worldwide.

Ilusiona Gran Turia – A New Mega Entertainment Centre in the Heart of Valencia

A new and unique macro entertainment centre, Ilusiona Gran Turia, opens in Valencia with bowling alley, mini golf, children’s area and recreational areas.


Top 10

Top Paragliding Destinations in Spain, Including One in Valencia

Among many things, Valencia has one of the top paragliding destinations in Spain. This is the list of top 8 best places to paraglide in Spain.

Things To See In Valencia : Off The Beaten Path In 2023

Ready to see a different side of Valencia? Explore the city’s lesser-known attractions with our guide to the twelve interesting things to see in Valencia, off the beaten path.



Two Youngsters Kidnap Baby Jesus From a Local Nativity Scene and Demand a Ransom on TikTok!

The baby Jesus was kidnapped from the local nativity scene in the sleepy suburb in Alicante and the ransom of €2000 was set. No, this is not a scene from the 4th installment of “Dumb and Dumb” franchise, but the real event that shook the suburb of Alicante.

Orange Heists Unleashed: Valencia’s Groves Plundered as Prices Skyrocket!

A specialised police unit dedicated to combating thefts in Valencian orange orchards could soon become a reality, as citrus heists in the province escalate from a potential threat to an unfortunate reality


Spain’s Green Hydrogen Revolution: Through the Shadows of Past  Missteps

Spain embarks on a green hydrogen revolution, learning from past energy missteps, as the government allocates €1.5 billion to fuel innovation and achieve ambitious targets. 

Artificial Intelligence – Are You Ready for the Digital Takeover?

In the wake of an Artificial Intelligence revolution set to propel global GDP by 7% in the next decade, businesses and individuals grapple with the transformative force of AI.