Valencia Aims to Soar to New Heights with Direct New York Flight in 2024

With the large influx of American tourists, it was only a matter of time before we saw a direct connection to the US and Valencia-New York, might be the first one.




Teenager Determined To End The Captivity Of Dolphins In Spain

A 15-year-old girl is determined to eradicate the captivity of dolphins in Spain. She has launched a public awareness campaign that may cause a stir..



The historic Monastery To Be Transformed Into an Amazing Five-Star Hotel.

Located just eight kilometers from Gandia, an important monastery, Sant Jeroni de Cotalba, will soon be converted into a Five Star Hotel and resort



Spanish Hotels Increase Prices 36% As Tourism Takes Off In April

Because of soaring inflation, Spanish hotels are generating more profit than in 2019, despite having fewer tourists on their grounds.

What´s On

Celebrating the Icon: Nino Bravo Exhibition at Ateneo Mercantil de València

“The largest Nino Bravo exhibition in the world,” a tribute to the legendary Valencian singer marking the 50th anniversary of his death is now open for the public to explore until October 29, 2023  at the heart of Plaza del Ayuntamiento de València.

Migrats Circ 2023: A Spectacular Return of Free Circus to Valencia

Migrats Circ, a unique street circus experience is coming to Valencia once more. Get your kids and adults there in time.


Top 10

Things To See In Valencia : Off The Beaten Path In 2023

Ready to see a different side of Valencia? Explore the city’s lesser-known attractions with our guide to the twelve interesting things to see in Valencia, off the beaten path.

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Valencia In 2022

Valencia continues to capture the attention of the world’s media. The most recent example is an article published in the UK National Geographic magazine that lists the top ten reasons to visit Valencia in 2022, with the assistance of Visit Valencia, our city’s official tourism organisation.



Real Estate Market Shines As Foreign Buyers Drive Prices To All-Time High

In the wake of the pandemic, foreign buyers have returned to the Spanish housing market, with home purchases breaking records in 2022 and a strong demand for luxury housing.


Trains From Valencia Now Run To The North Atlantic Coast

Trains from Valencia and Alicante can now run to cities along Spain’s North Atlantic coast. This is made possible by the Madrid train tunnel, which opened at the beginning of this month and ultimately connected two high-speed networks, north and south.

Biodiversity: It Is Too Late To Save Plants And Animals From Extinction?

Talks are currently underway in Kenya on a new international treaty to tackle dramatic species loss. What exactly is at stake? A frightening report by Deutsche Welle explains…


Spain Will Invest €12,3 Billion To Develop The Microchip Industry

Following significant production delays, Europe wishes to establish its own microchip industry. And Spain will be a significant focal point of this new agenda.

Sodium Ion Charge Batteries To Go Mainstream

Sodium ion charge batteries are gaining traction as a viable replacement for lithium-ion technology. Following the acquisition of UK-based sodium-ion specialist Faradion, industrial behemoths CATL and Reliance Industries are determined to bring the technology out of the lab and into mass production.