Help For Valencians With Autism To Cross The Street Safely

The City Council has initiated a pilot project, one of the first of its type in the world, to assist individuals with autism in crossing the street safely.





The Spanish Agriculture Is Already Suffering From Climate Change

A new research on the impact of climate change on Spanish agriculture provided a bleak image of the future as well as the present.



Marijuana Plant Busted In Spain For Failure To Pay For Electricity

A well-organised marijuana plant in a sleepy Valencian town was busted because its owners wanted to save money on electricity costs.



Spanish Hotels Increase Prices 36% As Tourism Takes Off In April

Because of soaring inflation, Spanish hotels are generating more profit than in 2019, despite having fewer tourists on their grounds.

What´s On

What´s On In Valencia In May 2022 – Plenty To Choose From

Valencia’s designation as “World Design Capital” has resulted in a slew of new cultural events. There’s a lot to see on our list of what’s on in Valencia in May 2022, and we’re not even close to covering it all.

Cabanyal Beach Will Be Getting A Big Summer Market

Among the many attractions on offer this summer, the Cabanyal beach will have a brand new craft market selling handicrafts and beach items until late at night.


Top 10

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Valencia In 2022

Valencia continues to capture the attention of the world’s media. The most recent example is an article published in the UK National Geographic magazine that lists the top ten reasons to visit Valencia in 2022, with the assistance of Visit Valencia, our city’s official tourism organisation.

Top Ten Most Expensive Streets In Spain In 2021

Idealista has compiled a new list of top ten most expensive streets in Spain in 2021 for property purchase, and, predictably, Comunidad Valenciana is nowhere to be found. Mallorca is the reigning champion once more.



Valencia Rentals Continue To Rise: Housing Less And Less Affordable

Valencia rentals are steadily rising, but substantial increases, according to statistics from Barcelona, have yet to be seen.


Ukrainians In Spain – More Than 120.000 People Arrived So Far

The number of Ukrainians in Spain is constantly increasing. So far, more than 120,000 people have come to Spain fleeing Russia’s invasion, according to government data.

Spanish Government Debating Plan To Offer Paid Menstrual Leave

Spain’s minority Socialist-led government hopes to guarantee access to abortion across Spain and destigmatise menstrual health with the new bill. Spain’s left-wing coalition government on Tuesday approved a draft bill to reinforce abortion rights and make Spain the first country in Europe to offer state-funded paid leave for women who suffer from painful periods. The […]


Spain Will Invest €12,3 Billion To Develop The Microchip Industry

Following significant production delays, Europe wishes to establish its own microchip industry. And Spain will be a significant focal point of this new agenda.

Sodium Ion Charge Batteries To Go Mainstream

Sodium ion charge batteries are gaining traction as a viable replacement for lithium-ion technology. Following the acquisition of UK-based sodium-ion specialist Faradion, industrial behemoths CATL and Reliance Industries are determined to bring the technology out of the lab and into mass production.

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