Mayor Gives A Boost To Hospitality And Leisure Sector In Valencia By Suspending ‘Mesas Y Sillas’ Tax

Mayor Joan Ribó has announced that the whole hospitality sector will be exempt from paying the municipal tax known as ‘mesas y sillas’ for the whole of 2021, reports Laura Menendez…



Valencia Mayor Berates UK Decision To Keep Spain Off “Green List”

Joan Ribó, Valencia mayor , highlights the link between the effort of Valencian citizens in terms of following the restrictions and the increase in employment rates recorded in the past month, while attacking the UK’s refusal to open up Valencia to British tourists. Laura Menéndez reports…


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Lost in Translation

‘Cola’ Is Not Just A Fizzy Drink In Spain

Readers from northern Europe – especially the UK, where a guide to queuing etiquette runs to as many volumes as the Oxford English dictionary – will be all at sea with the Spanish approach. Luckily, our resident cultural attaché Tash Aleksy is here to guide you through these choppy waters…

You’re Unlikely To Starve in Valencia

It has been said, the fastest way to someone’s heart is via their stomach. Nowhere is this more true than here and you are very unlikely to starve in Valencia, says Tash Aleksy…



Leading By Example: Valencia’s Energy Department Switches To Run Entirely On 100% Renewable Energy

A new contract will provide the ‘Oficina de la Energía’ a fully 100% renewable energy supply, says Laura Menéndez


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Valencia And The Cinema Of Berlanga

Luis García Berlanga was born in Valencia 100 years ago. To commemorate the anniversary of his birth Visit Valencia and the City Council are offering a number of free tours that illustrate Valencia’s stamp on the filmmaker and vice-versa, says Laura Menéndez

Spread The Love: Love Fest Comes To Nazaret In Valencia

It is a widespread view that Spanish cuisine is outstanding, and Valencia scarcely lacks options when it comes to eating, says Laura Menéndez. But how many times have you seen jerk chicken in Valencia? Christian Marrow found his own ingredients for homemade jerk chicken, and he is willing to share it with the world…



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Top Ten Most Expensive Properties In Valencia Province

If you want to buy one of the ten most expensive properties in Valencia Province, you can choose from a whole nature reserve, a portion of an ancient monastery, or a massive citrus plantation…

Top Ten Hikes In Valencia You Can Reach On Public Transport

To be able to hike around Valencia, you don’t need to own a car, says Dmitry Blatov, who has compiled a list of the top ten hikes in Valencia you can reach on public transport…



Brexit Dividend For Property Market

New data out today shows demand for property in Spain is set to soar with a surge in viewings as lockdown lifts – some 39% of buyers are now actively viewing or planning trips abroad, and 51% plan to move to Europe within the next 12 months, says Eugene Costello…

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The Incredible Journey – Captured By Valencia’s Cuban Cubist

Paul Sidorov, 64, and wife Viktoriya Kozlova left their native Ukraine in the 1980s under an amnesty to allow Jews to go to Israel but instead went to New York, settled upon California and now have moved to Cánovas, where they commissioned artist Francisco Bravo Cabrera to tell their story in a quadriptych of astonishing original works. Eugene Costello went to hear their story…

Albufera Degradation: A Certain Disposition, Prevailing In The Wind

Emergency on Planet Earth? British singer Jamiroquai certainly thought so, but Stefano Reposi, inspired by the recent Dulk exhibition at Centre del Carme on Albufera degradation, went to explore for himself…