Casa Del Rellotger – To Be Completely Renovated By July

The Casa del Rellotger will be renovated by July, and the City Council is working on a number of other historic buildings.



Wind Power In Spain Becomes The Primary Energy Source

Renewable energy sources, particularly wind power in Spain, now satisfy over half of the country’s consumption demands, contributing nearly 47 percent of the total in 2021, compared to less than 30 percent a decade ago, according to the Spanish newspaper “El Pais”.




New Metro Tunnel In Valencia Will Boost Network Speed

The proposed new Metro tunnel in Valencia. between Bailen and Alameda will not only make trains faster, but will also introduce another Metro station much closer to the city centre.



The Valencia Arena Complex Enters The Second Phase

The Valencia Arena is on track to meet its deadline: the second phase of construction was approved this week, and the sporting complex should be ready in 2023, as planned.

What´s On

Direct Sale Of Oranges In Valencia – This Sunday Only

This Sunday you will be able to buy oranges in Valencia directly from the farmers that grow them, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Plaza de la Crida.

Gaspatxo Rock Festival 2022 – Top Music Event In February

As it stands now, Gaspatxo Rock Festival will be held this year in Ayora on the19th of February, as one of only a few live concert events organised in the Province of Valencia in recent times.


Top 10

Top Ten Most Expensive Streets In Spain In 2021

Idealista has compiled a new list of top ten most expensive streets in Spain in 2021 for property purchase, and, predictably, Comunidad Valenciana is nowhere to be found. Mallorca is the reigning champion once more.

Top Ten Most Expensive Properties In Valencia Province

If you want to buy one of the ten most expensive properties in Valencia Province, you can choose from a whole nature reserve, a portion of an ancient monastery, or a massive citrus plantation…



Spanish Property Is Overpriced: Bank of Spain

rding to the Bank of Spain, Spanish property is overpriced currently, which contrasts sharply with the record number of sales registered in 2021.


Menstrual Leave in Spain Is Now A Reality

According to the British newspaper, menstrual leave in Spain, pioneered by Girona and Castellon de la Plana, will introduce a unique novelty in the workplace.

15 Things To Do In Valencia, According To “Lonely Planet”

Valencia is increasingly attracting the attention of the media. Lonely Planet published an article last week that confirms this, listing 15 things to do in Valencia that will, according to the author, make the best use of your time.


Computer Chip Shortage – To Continue In 2022

The semiconductor industry lives at the cutting edge of technological progress. So why do we face computer chip shortage?

Tesla Bot Soon To Take Away Boring Tasks From Humans

The Tesla Bot prototype, a robot that will use cutting-edge AI software to take over boring and repetitive tasks from the human race, will be unveiled next year.