Oil Be Back: Cooking Oil Collection On Streets In Valencia

Valencia City Council intends to install 266 anti-theft containers on streets throughout the city for cooking oil collection in Valencia, in an effort to make the disposal process simpler and to prevent massive water pollution…



Get Away With You! Renfe Offers Discounted Tickets For €19

Renfe is offering discounted tickets starting at €19 for travels beginning 10 May, when the latest and hopefully final Estado De Alarma ends…




Spain Relaxes Travel Restrictions For The Mobile World Congress In Barcelona

We don’t yet know what the tourist season will look like, but judging by the regulations imposed on participants at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, there will be a lot of testing…




Top 10

Top Ten Most Expensive Properties In Valencia Province

If you want to buy one of the ten most expensive properties in Valencia Province, you can choose from a whole nature reserve, a portion of an ancient monastery, or a massive citrus plantation…

Top Ten Hikes In Valencia You Can Reach On Public Transport

To be able to hike around Valencia, you don’t need to own a car, says Dmitry Blatov, who has compiled a list of the top ten hikes in Valencia you can reach on public transport…



Vacant Property In Valencia? Now Is The Time To Offload

The Valencian government proposes fines for large homeowners who own vacant property in Valencia in order to increase stock and prevent market speculation…

The Long Read

When Jesus Met Madonna

Jesus Arrue has Valencia in his DNA. From the wrong side of the tracks, he overcame poverty, thanks to his wonderful family, and now includes Madonna among his stellar roster of clients. Eugene Costello met him at his studio in El Carmen…

And Still They Came: The Italian Battalion’s Postwar Influx In Valencia

By the end of World War II, Italians came to Valencia in ever greater numbers, looking to escape a desolated country and stultifying bureaucracy; Stefano Reposi charts the New Wave of arrivals from Como to Cagliari and Catania…