Top Paragliding Destinations in Spain, Including One in Valencia

Among many things, Valencia has one of the top paragliding destinations in Spain. This is the list of top 8 best places to paraglide in Spain.

For centuries, humans have gazed at the skies, watching birds soar gracefully, envious of their ability to defy gravity. The longing to fly, like a bird, has been an age-old dream. Although we don’t possess the natural ability to fly, our ingenuity and resourcefulness have led to remarkable achievements. Aviation is one such marvel. However, for those seeking a closer-to-nature experience, paragliding offers a unique adventure.

Paragliding, a sport that emerged at the end of the 20th century, has its roots in the creative minds of mountaineers who aimed to descend mountains with the help of parachutes. This exhilarating activity has gained popularity and made the seemingly unattainable dream of human flight a reality. Paragliding is now accessible to everyone, regardless of age or physical ability, thanks to tandem flights, where expert instructors guide you through the experience.

While paragliding experiences are somewhat similar worldwide, the real magic lies in the landscapes you get to admire from above. Recently, the number one platform in Spain for gift experiences,, conducted a survey to find the best paragliding destinations in Spain. Among these, Palomaret in Agost, Alicante, Valencian Community, stands as a testament to Spain’s breathtaking paragliding locations.

Palomaret (Agost, Alicante) – Valencian Community

Located 12 kilometers from the coast, Palomaret, in Agost, offers spectacular views of the province of Alicante. What makes this destination one of the top paragliding destinations in Spain  is the frequent hot air currents. These currents enable thermal flights, where you rise within ascending air masses generated by the sun heating the earth. These flights are the most natural form of paragliding as they mimic the way birds use thermals to ascend. Taking off from an elevation of 850 meters above sea level, you’ll be treated to awe-inspiring vistas, including the distant Santa Bárbara Castle in Alicante. Companies like Parapente Factory offer tandem flights from the Santa Pola Lighthouse, taking advantage of the sea breeze. A 20-minute tandem flight costs around 65 euros.

Sopelana (Vizcaya) – Basque Country

Situated just 20 kilometers from Bilbao, Sopelana is a favorite paragliding spot. The combination of sea breezes, cliffs, wild beaches, and beautiful landscapes make it an unforgettable paragliding destination. Thousands of two-seater paragliding flights take place here year-round, with Barinatxe beach’s cliffs serving as launch points. You can relish this sport by comfortably sitting in front of your pilot. The tandem flight is relatively simple, with the pilot providing guidance. Simply run for a few meters to take off and then enjoy the flight. The same process applies to landing. These flights are suitable for children as young as 4 and individuals over 80. Companies like iParapente offer 25-minute flights for 55 euros per person, inclusive of photos, videos, and necessary equipment.

The Sierra de Grazalema (Cádiz) and Montellano (Seville) – Andalusia

Andalusia boasts incredible landscapes and stunning paragliding locations. Free-flight enthusiasts will find the Algodonales area in the province of Cádiz ideal, with paragliding taking place in Sierra de Líjar, Grazalema Natural Park, and El Bosque. A 30-minute flight costs approximately 90 euros. In Seville, Montellano offers exciting paragliding experiences, along with paratrike flights in the Guadalquivir plain and the northern mountains of Seville (Lora del Río). The 30-minute flight, complete with photos and videos, costs 80 euros per person.

Benasque and Castejón de Sos (Huesca) – Aragon

With SpeedRiding, you can embark on hour-long flights that offer stunning views of Benasque and Castejón de Sos, nestled at the foot of the Pyrenees, one of the top paragliding destinations in Spain. You’ll have the privilege of gazing upon Aneto, the highest peak in the Pyrenees, and the Benasque Valley. In the peaceful Benasque Valley, you can savor moments of solitude and tranquility in a society characterized by immediacy. Castejón de Sos serves as the gateway to the Benasque Valley and is a paradise for flight enthusiasts, whether in the form of paragliding, hang gliding, or ultralight. Flights are conducted in a paratrike, a two-seater motorized vehicle that allows for high takeoff and remarkable views of the snow-capped Pyrenees. An experience recommended by in one of the top paragliding destinations in Spain costs around 140 euros.

Tenesar (Lanzarote) – Canary Islands

Lanzafly offers paragliding adventures that showcase Lanzarote’s stunning landscapes. You’ll soar above volcanic terrain, sea cliffs, and the Atlantic Ocean. The Tenesar location allows you to explore the coast of La Santa while enjoying the volcanic magma of the Timanfaya National Park. Besides Lanzarote, Lanzafly conducts flights in Playa Quemada, Macher, and Orzola, along with hang gliding adventures. Hang gliding offers a distinct experience, with the pilot suspended by a harness from an aluminum or titanium structure. These flights are ideal for acrobatics and prolonged aerial experiences. A 20-minute paragliding flight costs 119 euros, while hang gliding is available for 199.90 euros, including photos and videos.

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The Vall d’Àger (Lleida) – Catalonia

The Vall d’Àger in Lleida is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, including the Congost de Mont-rebei, the Canyelles and Camarasa Reservoir, and the Plana de Lleida. The Congost de Mont-rebei, in particular, is a natural jewel, one of the top paragliding destinations in Spain, featuring vertical walls over 500 meters high that separate Lleida and Huesca provinces. The untouched gorge is the only one of its kind without any infrastructure. Agerair Parapent offers three types of flights in this area. The Experience flight lasts approximately 10 minutes, while the Adventure flight is longer and offers intensified views. The Emoción flight is for thrill-seekers, featuring acrobatic maneuvers and adrenaline-pumping moments. Prices vary depending on the type of flight you choose, with prices starting at 90 euros.

Santa María de Oia (Pontevedra) – Galicia

Santa María de Oia in Pontevedra, just ten kilometers from Vigo, offers a paragliding experience with magnificent views of the Galician coast. You’ll soar over cliffs, admire the wild coast and the Royal Monastery of Santa María de Oia, and experience a 20-minute flight for around 65 euros.

La Muela de Alarilla (Guadalajara) – Castilla-La Mancha

Muela, a hill standing around 250 meters tall, is also one of the top paragliding destinations in Spain, an ideal takeoff point for paragliding flights over beautiful landscapes. FlySer Aventura offers an exciting experience that includes acrobatic maneuvers for an adrenaline rush. You can witness rural landscapes, animal life, and historical trenches from the Civil War, all from a bird’s-eye view. These thrilling flights include piloting a paratrike with an experienced instructor, delivering a unique experience. Prices vary depending on the flight type, with experiences starting at 90 euros.

Paragliding is an exhilarating sport that allows you to enjoy incredible views of some of Spain’s most spectacular landscapes. Each of these destinations offers a unique paragliding experience, promising thrills and breathtaking vistas. So, whether you’re a seasoned paraglider or a novice seeking an adventure, Spain has the perfect paragliding destination for you. If you’re ever in Valencia, don’t miss the chance to take to the skies over one of the top paragliding destinations in Spain, Palomaret and discover the picturesque Valencian landscape from above.

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