Travel With Iryo From Valencia To Madrid For Only 8 Euros One Way

Iryo celebrates its first year on the Spanish market and launches a tempting offer for people wanting to travel to Madrid from Valencia on budget.

Iryo, the distinguished Spanish private high-speed train operator, commemorates its one-year anniversary of railway operations in Spain with an enticing promotional campaign for the year 2024. This initiative, spearheaded by the collaborative efforts of Trenitalia, Air Nostrum, and Globalia, invites travellers to seize the opportunity to secure tickets at remarkably affordable prices.

Until January 11, individuals can purchase tickets for their journeys throughout 2024, with costs ranging between 8 and 20 euros.

Owned by esteemed partners, Iryo has established a robust network connecting the Spanish capital with ten other cities across the country. These cities include Valencia, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Cuenca, Albacete, Alicante, Seville, Malaga, Córdoba, and Tarragona. Celebrating a year of successful railway operations, Iryo’s promotion extends a generous offering to its patrons, encouraging them to explore various destinations at discounted rates.

To partake in this exclusive promotion, potential travellers need only acquire a ticket for any date before the deadline on January 11. The range of promotional rates, spanning from 8 to 20 euros, provides a flexible and cost-effective way for individuals to plan their journeys throughout the upcoming year.

One of the most noteworthy options highlighted by the campaign is the Valencia-Madrid corridor, where tickets are available at a remarkably low starting price of 8 euros. Additionally, the Madrid-Barcelona corridor presents an attractive option with tickets priced at 16 euros. Travellers keen on exploring destinations such as Seville, Malaga, Córdoba, Albacete, and Alicante can also benefit from reasonable rates, with an approximate cost of 18 euros for these exciting locations. 

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The recently inaugurated connection between Barcelona and Seville, initiated on December 10, is also included in the promotion, offering tickets at an approximate cost of 20 euros.

For those eager to seize this opportunity, further details and ticket purchases can be made through the company’s primary communication channels and the official website: To be able to see the price and make the booking, you would need to register on Iryo site first.

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