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We have found out that the whole world in the 21st century is commission based. You go to the bank to open an account, somebody gets commission. You contract a health insurance through an agent, he gets a commission. You do it directly at the insurer, the person you speak with will get the commission. Whatever you buy, unless you go to a supermarket, provides a commission for somebody.

That is the reason why we see affiliate links as a subtle way of financing Valencia News. 

If you are looking to buy something, and it is here on our site, in the section, Affiliate links, we will get a small commission for the sale. The price is always the same, whether you buy it directly from the seller, or through us. There are two reasons for this – the commission is very small for sellers to bother (but it makes a difference for us) and the whole world works on this principle anyway. It means that by buying something using our affiliate link, you will support Valencia News and we would be very grateful for this.

Sometimes, to maximise their commissions, websites write only about products that provide income, disregarding the ones that don’t pay out. So, in the end, you finish with the dubious “The best of…” articles with little real value. This will never happen on Valencia News. We will always separate our affiliate links from our content. And our content will be based on real information, with no commercial interest.

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