Juárez Casanova Crafts the New Captivating Fallas 2024 Poster

The new Fallas 2024 Poster is out. It joins a long list of unforgettable designs from the famous Valencian artists, and as it stands,  it might be worth a fortune in about 50 years.

The new Fallas 2024 poster has emerged, a visual spectacle destined to join the esteemed lineage of Valencian Festival poster designs. Crafted by the adept hands of the Valencian studio Juárez Casanova, helmed by the talented duo Javier Juárez and Silvia Casanova, the Fallas 2024 Poster made its debut at a grand event hosted in the historic Post Office building, now known as the Communications Palace. 

Santiago Ballester, the Fallas councilor and president of the Fallera Central Board, stood alongside as the visual masterpiece was presented.

True to the distinctive style of Juárez Casanova, the Fallas 2024 poster boasts elongated human figures, a signature element of the studio’s artistic identity. The canvas is alive with a multitude of characters, a vibrant tapestry paying homage to the diverse participants of the festival – from the skilled Fallas artists to the pyrotechnicians, musicians, and the iconic Fallera herself.

Juárez Casanova, a graphic design and illustration powerhouse with over twenty-five years of professional experience, has left an indelible mark on various projects, including collaborations with the Generalitat, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat, and esteemed universities such as the Universitat de València and the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló. Their creative footprint extends to the municipal realms of Castellón, Sagunto, Vila-real, Bocairent, and Calp. 

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Beyond national borders, Juárez Casanova’s artistic prowess has been recognized at international events such as the Bratislava Biennial, leaving an artistic legacy in Mexico and Bolivia.

The unveiling of the Fallas 2024 poster not only marks a visual triumph but also heralds a strategic shift in the festival’s branding approach. The Fallas de València now possess a dedicated brand, distinct from the annual advertising poster. Facilitating this transition is the creative expertise of designer Ibán Ramón, commissioned by the Valencia City Council, through the Junta Central Fallera (JCF), to craft the corporate brand ‘Falles de València.’ 

This comprehensive undertaking encompasses not only the design of the logo and institutional brand but also a volumetric rendition of the same, ensuring a unified and impactful representation of the cherished Valencian festivities.

As the Fallas 2024 Poster takes its place in the pantheon of festival visuals, it ignites anticipation for the future, where its artistic resonance may one day translate into an invaluable artifact, adding another layer to the rich history of Fallas posters in Valencia. Many esteemed artists of the past, have left an enduring legacy through their contributions to this cultural tapestry, and Juárez Casanova’s latest creation now weaves seamlessly into this storied tradition.

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