Netflix Breathe Series – Grey´s Anatomy Meets Valencia

With its new Breathe series, Netflix takes us on a compelling journey into the heart of a Valencian hospital set against the backdrop of a looming general strike and the struggle to defend the integrity of public healthcare.

Renowned creator Carlos Montero, mastermind behind ‘Elite’ and ‘The Mess You Leave Behind,’ has set the stage for his next Netflix venture, Breathe series (Respira) unfolding the intricacies of life within a Valencian hospital. 

Currently in the midst of a 19-week shoot spanning Valencia and Madrid, the series has already left its mark on various València landmarks, including the picturesque Plaza del Patriarca, Poeta Querol, and Marqués de Dos Aguas, where traffic had to be restricted in previous weeks.

This medical drama, akin to the style of Grey’s Anatomy, boasts a stellar cast featuring top-notch Spanish talents. Najwa Nimri (La Casa de Papel), Blanca Suárez (Las Chicas del Cable), Manu Ríos (Elite), and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón (Madres Paralelas) will headline the series. Noteworthy actors such as Borja Luna, Ana Rayo, Alfonso Bassave, Macarena de Rueda, Blanca Martínez, Abril Zamora, Xoán Fórneas, Marwa Bakhat, and Víctor Sáinz will also contribute to the production.

Breathe series, revolves around Biel, a resident doctor deeply committed to his vocation at Joaquín Sorolla public hospital. As the narrative unfolds, viewers will witness the intense dynamics and moral dilemmas faced by the characters amid a looming general strike. 

The healthcare professionals, compelled to protest against drastic cuts, grapple with the ethical implications of the strike, raising questions about the potential life-altering consequences for their patients.

Caught in the midst of this conflict, the series provides an intimate exploration of the characters, showcasing the resilience and dedication of the young hospital workforce burdened with excessive responsibilities. Simultaneously, the mature figures in the narrative grapple with the prospect of sacrificing everything in defense of their convictions. Breathe series promises a gripping narrative that delves into the complexities of medical professionals’ lives amidst societal challenges and ethical dilemmas.

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