Valencia Rental Prices: the Costly Peaks and Affordable Retreats

In the dynamic landscape of rental prices in Valencia, the difference between the most and least expensive municipalities reaches almost 600 euros per month, a good reason to start. exploring the highs and lows of housing costs throughout the province.

Navigating the complex realm of apartment rental prices in Valencia unveils a significant divergence in costs, with the city itself standing out as the priciest in the province. The latest data reveals an escalating trend in rental prices, creating challenges for those seeking affordable housing in Spain. Nationally, the average price per square meter has surged to 11.8 euros, marking a notable 9.4% increase over the past year, as detailed in a report by Idealista using October data and comparisons with figures from the same month in 2022.

Within the Valencian Community, rental prices per square meter average around 10 euros, signifying a 16.3% uptick from October 2022. Valencia emerges as the most expensive province in the Community for renting, with a rate of 10.8 euros/m2, surpassing the regional average. Alicante follows closely with an average price of 9.7 euros/m2, while Castellón claims the mantle of affordability, boasting a lower cost of 7.3 euros on average.

For a standard 80 square meter apartment, often sought after by average families, the monthly rental figures further underscore the disparities. Valencia commands a monthly rent of 864 euros, Alicante comes in at 776 euros, and Castellón stands at 584 euros.

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Zooming into the city of Valencia itself, it emerges as the costliest location to rent an apartment within the province. The average price per square meter escalates to 12.9 euros, translating to a monthly cost of about 1,032 euros for an 80 square meter dwelling. Burjassot closely follows suit with a price per square meter at 9.7 euros, resulting in a monthly expense of around 776 euros for a comparable residence. On the flip side, Alzira emerges as the most budget-friendly municipality, with a square meter costing 6 euros and a monthly rent of 480 euros for an 80 square meter apartment—approximately 552 euros less than in Valencia city.

Other municipalities, such as Mislata or Moncada, exhibit average rental prices ranging between 8.3 and 9.2 euros per square meter. In Mislata, the rate is 9.4 euros per square meter, while in Moncada, it stabilizes at 9.2 euros. Xirivella and Torrent fall within the range of 9.1 and 9 euros per square meter, equating to a monthly rent of 720 euros for the reference apartment. The dynamics of Valencia’s rental landscape reveal a multifaceted spectrum of costs, urging potential tenants to navigate with a discerning eye.

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