Valencia Museums Getting Ready for Christmas Season

Immerse yourself in the city’s rich heritage with the help of Valencia museums through engaging tours, workshops, and exhibitions, creating an artful and educational Christmas experience for both young and old.

As the festive season envelops the city, Valencia museums beckon families and, especially, children to immerse themselves in a captivating world of heritage culture. 

Amidst the diverse Christmas activities, Valencia museums present a unique catalog, ranging from storytelling sessions at Blasco Ibáñez to intriguing treasure hunts organized by the History Museum. The city’s rich cultural tapestry unfolds within these spaces, housing an array of historical and artistic gems. 

Notably, several museums focus on Valencian artists, such as the Casa Museu Benlliure, Casa Museu Concha Piquer, and the chalet of Blasco Ibáñez, creating a mosaic that reflects Valencia’s vibrant cultural identity.

Exploring these cultural repositories unveils not just the artistic tapestry but also the historical significance of Valencia. Valencia museums like the Palau de Cervelló, an ancient Gothic structure and royal residence in the 19th century, and the Municipal Historical Archive, provide glimpses into the city’s past. The Serrano Morales Library and the palace of the Marqués de Camp add further layers to this historical narrative.

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One prominent feature is the Casa Museu Benlliure, offering a family-friendly Christmas experience. Visitors can delve into the essence of Valencia portrayed in Sorolla’s works, navigating through a city transitioning towards modernity. The Blasco Ibáñez Museum House engages young minds with entertaining games, allowing them to showcase newfound knowledge through mime, trivia, and films. A special storytelling session by Blasco Ibáñez himself adds an enchanting touch to the evening.

Concha Piquer’s Museum House offers a guided tour through the memories of the renowned singer, providing insight into her Christmas experiences narrated in the song “En terra estrangena.” These museum houses bring alive the cultural nuances of Valencia, creating an immersive experience for visitors.

The Museu de la Ciutat and the Palau de les Arts i les Industrias collaborate to organise guided tours, offering an artistic Christmas featuring works by Sorolla, Benlliure, and Pinazo. These curated visits promise to infuse the holiday season with artistic charm and historical depth.

The Museum of Natural Sciences, probably the most popular of all the Valencia museums,  contributes to a sustainable Christmas with an engaging workshop for children aged 6 to 12. Participants craft marionettes from recycled materials, focusing on creating eco-conscious superheroes dedicated to battling climate change. The workshop aims to instill environmental values while fostering creativity.

The Valencia History Museum invites visitors on a unique journey through time on December 29. Theatrical enactments transport participants to the Valencia of 1890, introducing them to the role of a “sereno,” responsible for patrolling the streets and regulating nighttime lighting. This immersive experience allows participants to stroll through the museum’s streets, reliving the 19th-century Christmas atmosphere.

December 30 brings an exciting treasure hunt for children aged 6 to 9, providing a day filled with uncovering the secrets hidden within the museum’s tree. Linked closely to Christmas traditions, this interactive activity fosters curiosity and discovery.

Throughout this festive period, Valencia museums emerge as vibrant hubs of cultural exploration, offering a tapestry woven with art, history, and engaging activities. As families and children delve into these enriching experiences, the city’s heritage culture becomes a living, breathing entity, fostering a deep connection with the essence of Valencia.

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