The Largest Inflatable Amusement Park in the World –  Now in Valencia

The Funbox amusement park, which is set to open in Valencia in two weeks, is the largest of its kind in the world and will provide kids and their parents with an adventure never seen before in our city.

Embarking on a festive journey into the heart of Valencia’s entertainment scene, the Bonaire Shopping Center has unveiled plans for an extraordinary event that is set to redefine Christmas excitement. 

Brace yourselves for FUNBOX, a colossal inflatable amusement park that has earned the distinction of being the largest in the world. 

Following its triumphant debut in Barcelona, FUNBOX has chosen the Bonaire Shopping Center, nestled in Aldaia, as its second Spanish destination. Located strategically in parking lot D, facing the KFC establishment, this inflatable extravaganza promises to transform the shopping center into a realm of joy and exhilaration.

Scheduled to open its whimsical gates on December 2 and extending its playful reign until January 7, 2024, FUNBOX amusement park emerges as the ultimate family-centric destination for the holiday season. With an expansive footprint of 4,000 square meters, the amusement park boasts ten distinct play areas designed to captivate the imaginations of children and adults alike. Among the attractions are challenging obstacle courses, towering 7-meter slides, and the daring ‘ninja wall’—a curved ascent that transforms climbing into an enthralling challenge.

Within FUNBOX’s inflatable realm, adventurers encounter the ‘Mountain Challenge,’ a vertical obstacle wall for the intrepid young climbers; the ‘Battle Beam,’ an engaging showdown above an inflatable pit; and the ‘Gumball Gallop,’ a bouncy course adorned with inflatables of varying shapes and sizes, beckoning participants to leap their way to victory.

An enticing facet of FUNBOX amusement park lies in its inclusive ethos, welcoming individuals of all ages to partake in its whimsical wonders. This amusement park, primarily designed for children, extends its invitation from age 0 to 99, allowing adults to revel in the joy of bouncing and conquering the inflatable challenges. The sole stipulation lies in the necessity for children under 12 to be accompanied by an adult, with both parties securing tickets for entry.

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The ticketing process for this inflatable utopia has been set in motion, with tickets available for purchase on the FUNBOX website

The pricing structure, ranging between 15 and 16 euros for general admission, takes into account both the day of the week and the selected time slot. Opting for advanced online purchases is recommended to circumvent potential queues and ensure a seamless entry into the inflatable wonderland. 

For those seeking budget-friendly options, FUNBOX introduces ‘Fun Day,’ featuring special rates at 9 euros per entry. Children under 2 enjoy complimentary access, and families can explore discounted ticket packages, such as the family pack of four tickets for 13.75 euros.

FUNBOX’s arrival at Bonaire Shopping Center heralds a spirited celebration, promising Valencia a Christmas season infused with the magic of the world’s largest inflatable amusement park. As the anticipation builds, families and thrill-seekers alike eagerly await the grand opening on December 2, prepared to immerse themselves in a 90-minute symphony of laughter, joy, and inflatable adventures.

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