Valencia Airport Is Expecting A Record-Breaking Winter Season

As winter sets in, Valencia Airport braces itself to handle a significant surge in commercial flights and seat capacity for the upcoming season.

Valencia Airport, situated in the heart of this vibrant city, is gearing up for an exhilarating winter season. 

According to a statement from Aena, airlines have scheduled a remarkable 4.3 million seats and approximately 26,000 commercial flights, commencing from October 29, 2023, and continuing until March 30, 2024. 

This represents a substantial increase, with seat capacity and flight numbers rising by 15.8% and 14.5%, respectively, compared to the previous winter season.

The connectivity options from Valencia airport this winter are more diverse than ever, encompassing 109 routes to 79 destinations across 20 countries. 

Europe takes the lion’s share of seats, with nearly 2.9 million on offer, marking a robust growth of 22% from the previous season. The domestic market also registers a solid 7% increase, providing more than 1,340,000 seats.

Spain, at the forefront, leads with the largest share of seats, closely followed by Italy, which boasts more than 620,000 seats, reflecting a remarkable 26% surge from last winter. 

The United Kingdom maintains its third position, with over 340,000 seats, while Germany and France follow closely, each with more than 337,000 seats and a 25% increase in their offerings.

Poland stands out with a staggering 202% growth, with nearly 144,000 seats scheduled. Switzerland also exhibits significant progress, with a remarkable 66% increase, providing more than 133,000 seats.

Valencia’s position as a top travel destination becomes apparent when considering that the five cities with the most significant seat offerings include Palma de Mallorca (350,000 seats), London (289,000 seats), Paris (260,000 seats), Madrid (207,000 seats), and Milan (198,000 seats). These destinations illustrate the rich tapestry of Valencia’s appeal and the diversity of its connections to the world.

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Meanwhile, the Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernández Airport on the Costa Blanca is experiencing a parallel aviation boom. This picturesque gateway to Spain’s southeastern coast is witnessing airlines schedule an impressive 6.4 million seats and approximately 34,500 commercial flights for the winter season, which shares the same schedule as Valencia, from October 29, 2023, to March 30, 2024.

Seat capacity and flight numbers have surged by 23.2% and 20.8%, respectively, when compared to the previous winter season. As with Valencia, Europe is the focus, with over 5.2 million seats offered, indicating a substantial growth of 24% from the prior winter season. 

The domestic market in Alicante shows significant growth as well, with a 13% increase offering more than 1,025,000 seats. Importantly, the recovery of routes with Algeria drives a remarkable 165% increase in supply with Africa.

In terms of country-specific growth, the United Kingdom is leading the charge, increasing its seat offerings by 23% compared to the previous winter season, offering nearly 2,130,000 seats. Spain follows, with the Netherlands coming in third, offering over 440,000 seats with a 6% increase.

Poland shines with a 121% surge, scheduling almost 340,000 seats. Italy follows suit with an 82% increase, providing more than 136,000 seats, while Switzerland demonstrates impressive growth with a 42% increase and more than 191,000 seats.

Alicante Airport’s top destinations, in terms of seat availability, include London (605,000 seats), Manchester (328,000 seats), Brussels (287,000 seats), Barcelona (261,000 seats), and Palma de Mallorca (235,000 seats). These cities exemplify the airport’s extensive connectivity to 102 destinations in 24 countries.

It’s clear that the winter season brings exciting prospects for travel enthusiasts. With both Valencia and Alicante airports offering increased seat capacity and diverse destination choices, tourists and locals alike are in for a vibrant and well-connected winter. 

The figures for these airports are based on a typical 22-week season, providing a fair comparison with last year, despite the minor adjustment for a difference in the number of weeks. 

Whether you’re exploring the charming streets of Valencia or the picturesque coasts of Alicante, these two airports are your gateways to unforgettable winter adventures.

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