Renfe Has Banned Electric Scooters From All of  its Trains After Series of Explosions

From December 12 electric scooters, and other battery powered mobility devices are banished from all the trains in Valencia, including the Cercanias network.

Renfe, Spain’s biggest railway authority, has taken a comprehensive stance on passenger safety by prohibiting the carriage of electric scooters, unicycles, and other battery-powered personal mobility devices across its entire train network. 

This includes the extensive network of Cercanías local trains, the Regional services, as well as the High-Speed options like AVE, Avlo, Alvia, Avant, Euromed, and Intercity. 

The unequivocal decision to ban electric scooters comes into effect from December 12 and is grounded in the safety risks posed by incidents of battery explosions recorded in public transport vehicles. 

These incidents have been attributed to a range of causes, including battery tampering, impact-induced damage, the passage of time affecting battery integrity, or the use of chargers not compliant with the devices.

Renfe’s move mirrors safety-driven regulations observed in various cities across Spain and Europe, highlighting a commitment to public health and the well-being of passengers. 

Seville took the lead in 2021 by restricting access to the Metro during peak hours for commuters with electric scooters. In February, Catalonia responded to a skateboard explosion incident in November 2022 by prohibiting the entry of electric scooters and other personal mobility devices powered by the batteries into public transport infrastructures. 

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Furthermore, since November 4, Madrid’s Regional Transport Consortium has banned electric scooters from accessing facilities and vehicles under its jurisdiction, including subways and buses.

Internationally, rail operators in the UK and Ireland, along with transit systems like the London and Hamburg Metro, have also implemented similar restrictions on the use of electric scooters within train services.

Once implemented, Renfe will have the authority to request a passenger to disembark if their possession, luggage, or vehicle is deemed to pose a safety risk to the proper functioning of the transport or the safety of other travelers.

On the Cercanías stations under Renfe’s administration, passengers found with electric scooters will be notified of the prohibition, and the authorities may conduct random inspections with auditors and security personnel to ensure compliance with the safety measures. This proactive approach underscores Renfe’s commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable transportation environment for all passengers.

As a carrier Renfe can not impose fines, but, the company is entitled to remove anybody not complying from its facilities.

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