Convent Carmen Prepares its Reopening in Valencia

The new Convent Carmen will be an important cultural venue, as well as a 44-room hotel, with a courtyard for culture, art, gastronomy, music, and leisure activities.

The Convent Carmen in Valencia, once a religious site transformed into the Convent Carmen leisure centre, is poised to reopen its doors, now reimagined as a hotel. The Valencia City Council has issued the activity license for the proposed Calma Wellbeing hotel, which is currently undergoing public exposure. 

However, the final green light for reopening depends on obtaining favourable health and environmental reports.

The new hotel plans encompass a spacious 2,500 square meters, accommodating a total of 44 rooms. The verdant garden, enveloped by lush greenery and palm trees, will be retained, featuring an adjacent restaurant area. Importantly, the revitalised Convent Carmen aims to preserve its cultural and leisure components, emphasising continuity in its essence. 

The developers envision the new Convent Carmen as a hotel and cultural hub, where they plan to organise events such as concerts, yoga sessions, children’s workshops, and round-table discussions.

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The Convent Carmen initially opened its doors to the public in October 2018, positioning itself as a multifaceted space for culture, art, gastronomy, music, and leisure in Valencia’s city centre, old barrio de Carmen. Housed in the historic Convent of San José and Santa Teresa, dating back to 1609, the cultural leisure centre boasted a noteworthy gastronomic offering, featuring the culinary creations of Michelin-starred chef Miguel Angel Mayor.

However, a year and a half later, just before the onset of the pandemic, Convent Carmen faced closure. On March 4, 2020, the promoters announced the cessation of public activities. 

The closure was prompted by the Valencia City Council’s withdrawal of the opening license due to the centre lacking authorisation for catering and hospitality activities. At the time, Convent Carmen held only a permit for sociocultural activities, leading to the abrupt termination of 300 cultural events organised within a year and the loss of 60 jobs. 

The closure marked the end of a significant €4.5 million investment in the cultural and leisure space. The forthcoming reopening, now as a hotel, represents a potential revival of this iconic site, combining history, culture, and modern hospitality.

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