Valencian Government to Finally Sort Out the “Cita” Problem

A new “pre-cita” server, new shared hosting, more than 5 individuals on the site at the same time…are just a few of the delightful surprises provided by the Provincial Government of Valencia for the New Year.

FAKE NEWS…In a brave and unexpected move, the Provincial government of Valencia has finally decided to address one of the biggest problems in the city – the ability for the oridinary people to organise a “cita”, an appointment with the local authorities.

This has been a major issue in the city like Valencia, especially since the Corona pandemic, when the system of online appointments was introduced for all the government offices that deal with the public. For a long time now, people were unable to organise appointment because the whole system was too busy and fragile, and they were simply not enough appointments.

Trying to resolve this, the local government will introduce a new system for online appointments – A “Precita” server, where the people can reserve an appointment (“cita”) to use the regular server. So, to explain how it works – if you need an appointment with the government official, you would firstly log into the “precita” server, and there you would get a appointment, an exact time when can you log onto a regular server. Then, on the given time, you would be able log in the original server and try to organise a cita.

Local government is confident that this will solve the current problem, especially, because the new system could be built on indefinitely. If the “precita” server becomes too busy, a additional system can be cheaply introduced, another server, this time called “pre-precita” that would be able to give you an access in a timely manor to a “precita” server where you can, with a bit of luck, get an access to the original “cita” server. 

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In another bold move, the local government has decided to change the hosting company, and give-up on a shared hosting at GoDaddy, and move to a shared hosting at a local company. The hosting plan will also be upgraded, so with the new plan it is estimated that up to 5 people can use the site at the same time without crashing it. The government is also thinking about obtaining the SSL certificates for the site, so the users can finally enter the government site without the fear that their personal details can be stolen.

This bold move is reserved for Valencia province only, but the officials from both Alicante and Castellon are following this development, and if it proves to be successful, will be implementing the same measures in their provinces.

Watch out – this is a FAKE NEWS. No animals were harmed in creating this text. It is published in In celebration of Dia de Los Santos Inocentes.

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