Spain Stays On The Amber List

There may be more British tourists in Spain this month: according to the latest announcement from the British government, Spain will remain on the amber list.

The British government has updated its list of countries on the green, amber, and red lists, confirming that Spain remains on the amber list, allowing vaccinated British tourists to continue traveling to Spain.

However, given the high level of incidence of the coronavirus, it has indicated in a statement made public on Wednesday night that travelers must be “alert” as they pass through the country.

A PCR is recommended as a pre-departure test for British returnees from Spain and all the islands whenever possible, as a precautionary measure “against the increase in the prevalence of the virus and its variants in the country.”

“Doctors and scientists in the United Kingdom will maintain close contact with their counterparts in Spain to stay up to date on the latest data and the picture of cases in Spain,” the British Government says in a note.

The United Kingdom assures that all countries’ data will be reviewed and that “the Government will not hesitate to take action when the epidemiological panorama of a country changes.”

“While we must remain cautious,” Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said, “today’s changes reopen a variety of different vacation destinations around the world, which is good news for both the industry and the traveling public.”

Spain’s current position in the amber section of the list allows people with a complete vaccination schedule to avoid a ten-day quarantine when returning to England. The British Government list specifies that the entire country, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, is included in the amber list.

Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, and Norway are moved from the amber list to the green list, which exempts all travelers who have not tested positive for Covid from quarantine.

Mexico, Georgia, Reunion, and Mayotte, on the other hand, are placed in the red category due to the health risk posed by the virus’s spread in those territories.

Other countries have progressed from red to amber due to improvements in their health. This is the case with India, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.

Despite the decrease in incidence, British authorities warn that travelers returning from Spain, both from the peninsula and the islands, must exercise “special caution” due to the “prevalence of the virus and its variants” in the country.

Countries on the amber list must take a negative test three days before returning to England, complete a passenger registration form, and take a test on the second and eighth days of their return.

If they come from certain European countries, including Spain, fully vaccinated people under the age of 18 do not need the 10-day confinement or the eighth-day test.

People who come from France and are vaccinated will no longer need to be confined for ten days or take the test on the eighth day as of August 8.

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