Cuina Oberta – The Oldest Gastronomic Event In Valencia To Start Soon

One of the most popular gastronomic events, Cuina Oberta, will take place in less than a week, from 11-21 November

(05.11.) Cuina Oberta, Valencia’s most established gastronomic event, will hold its XXV edition this year, from November 11 to November 21. This was announced yesterday at a press conference held at the newly opened restaurant of the Only You hotel by Emiliano Garcia, Councilor for Tourism and President of Visit Valencia.

The event is organised by the City of Valencia, in collaboration with Tourism Valencian Community and Valencia Tourism, through Visit Valencia. This year’s “silver edition” of the event will feature 63 restaurants, demonstrating consistent growth year after year.

For the first time, the event included the newly opened Mirador de l’Only You, as well as Anima del Temple, La Sastrera, TrencaBeach, and Verneta.

The participating restaurants will be located both in the city and in the province of Valencia, and, as in previous years, they will offer menus made up of seasonal and local ingredients.

In his presentation, Garcia said that “the quality of Valencia’s gastronomic offer, based on the creativity of the chefs and the local product, allows Valencia to position itself as a gastronomic capital” .

What is especially encouraging for the organisers is that more and more restaurants from outside the city are beginning to participate, transforming Cuina Oberta into a provincial event that is not limited to Valencia.

The Valencia Cuina Oberta menus, as in previous editions, cost 24 euros for lunch and 32 euros for dinner, with a 15-euro supplement in gourmet restaurants (Michelin Star, Sol Repsol and the restaurants of 5 star hotels ).

Mahou, whose products will accompany the menus, is one of the main sponsors of Cuina Oberta.

During the conference, Francesc Colomer, Regional Secretary for Tourism, stated that “the wide participation in Cuina Oberta shows a collective effort that moves talent and hope out of a tunnel in which the hospitality industry has been for far too long.” With other similar events and the Michelin Gala on the way, we can say that there are quite a few one-of-a-kind actions that will help to strengthen Valencia’s position as a great gastronomic capital.”

Reservations are now open through the website

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