Railway Tracks Soon To Be Buried Under The New Garcia Lorca Boulevard

By the end of the next year, the Ayuntamiento will begin burying the city’s railway tracks in order to create a massive green space that will connect Valencia to the barrios in the south via Garcia Lorca Boulevard.

Valencian City Council intends to cover the railway track adjacent to Central Park and turn the entire area into a huge park in one of the largest development projects since the City of Arts and Sciences. The new green space will be 49.000 square metres in size, one kilometre long, and will transform some of Valencia’s most unsightly areas into something beautiful. It will run alongside Garcia Lorca Boulevard and up to Valencia’s newly developed Central Park.

It is most likely the most anticipated aspect of a futuristic Central Park project that, despite being shelved for years, continues to develop at a reasonable pace. The plan to relocate both railway stations from the city centre and build a new underground travel hub is taking shape.

All of the work required for this to happen is divided among the various projects. The creation of a massive park in place of the railway tracks is only one of them, but it is likely to be the most popular. Apart from providing green spaces, one of the immediate benefits will be a significant increase in the property values of the surrounding blocks of flats for both Raiosa and Mallila residents.

It will not only eliminate the sight of the tracks, but it will also completely eradicate the noise. Garcia Lorca Boulevard will be closed to traffic in the future, which guarantees less pollution.  It will only be accessible on foot, via sidewalks ranging in width from six to twelve metres. On each side, a bidirectional bike line will be built. 

The redevelopment will be linked to the construction of the new railway access to the city, and it is expected to start between the end of next year and the beginning of 2023. The works are scheduled to be completed by 2027 at a cost of € 400 million. When finished, the southern neighbourhoods will be linked to the newly developed new bed of the Turia river, another massive project in the works.

According to the mayor, Joan Ribó, “these are the kinds of works that will change the city’s landscape,” as well as “a show of resolve to deal with climate change.” The Urban Mobility Plan, which has already been approved, and the Green and Biodiversity Plan, which is currently being drafted, serve as the foundation for this project.

Sandra Gómez, Deputy Mayor and Head of Urban Development, has stated that the project will remove all suburban railway lines and high-speed entry tracks, as well as allow for the demolition of the Giorgeta bridge.

The project is not supported by any European funds. The Spanish government will fund half of the €400 million needed, with the other half split between the City Council and the Generalitat Valenciana.

The reconstruction of the Garcia Lorca boulevard will take place alongside many other major projects in this area of the city. When completed, Garcia Lorca boulevard will be the focal point of the new Valencia South corridor, which will connect the city centre with the Vara de Quart district and the new Turia River’s bed.

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