City Closed Five Illegal Tourist Apartments In Valencia

According to Deputy Mayor Sandra Gomez, illegal tourist apartments in Valencia will be scrutinized with the assistance of the Local Police.

The Department of Urban Development and Renewal, led by Deputy Mayor Sandra Gomez, has ordered the closure of five illegal tourist apartments in Valencia this week. Despite being registered in the Generalitat Valenciana’s register of activities, these apartments lacked the urban compatibility license required by Valencia City Council for this activity to be carried out.

Gomez emphasized that the city has very strict regulations that allow it to control the activities of illegal tourist apartments in Valencia. She also stated that “no tourist apartments are permitted to operate outside of the urban planning rules established by the General Plan of Urban Planning.”

At the moment, this plan specifies that tourist apartments in Valencia are permitted on floors below residential uses and must be properly licensed.

Furthermore, in Ciutat Vella, the matter is governed by the Special Protection Plan, which has its own set of rules (with the exception of Sant Francesc) Another Special Plan, this time for the Cabanyal-Canyamelar area, is about to be approved, and amongst other things, it will establish the maximum number of tourist apartments in the entire neighborhood.

The Generalitat has also signed an agreement with the Local Police, which will begin the search and the inspection of illegal tourist apartments in Valencia, followed by the cessation of activity and restoration of legality.

“We are dedicated to delivering a quality offer that adheres to the strict safety and quality guidelines that we want to provide to our visitors.” That is why we have been recognized on a global scale as the capital of smart tourism. We are also committed to a model of sustainable tourism that is integrated with our communities. All of this is contradicted by Valencia’s illegal, dispersed tourist apartment model, which exists in residential buildings. That is why we are being so strict,” Gomez explained.

Sandra Gomez also stated that the five closed tourist apartments were located in various neighborhoods, including El Grau, El Cabanyal, Quatre Carreres, and Ciutat Vella.

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