Lupin Season 3 – The Famous Thief Became A Victim Of A Teenage Gang

Recently published news by Agency France-Presse confirmed that the crew, including Arsen Lupin himself (actor Omar Sy), was robbed while filming Lupin Season 3.

Seven people have been charged in connection with an armed robbery that occurred last month on the French film set of the hit Netflix series Lupin, while the new episodes for the upcoming Lupin Season 3 were being shot.

According to Netflix, approximately twenty hooded thieves attacked the film crew by launching fireworks at them, stealing more than €300,000 in equipment during the heist in broad daylight.

There were no injuries among the Lupin Season 3 cast or crew, including the show’s star Omar Sy.

The crew was attacked in the Nanterre district, west of central Paris, forcing a brief halt in production.

The seven accused, aged 13 to 21, were apprehended by police and now face charges of armed robbery as part of an organised gang and receiving stolen goods. Three of them are in custody, while the other four are under judicial supervision. However, there are still a number of gang members on the loose. Police say they are looking for them and that some of the stolen equipment has been recovered.

Lupin Season 3 is a highly anticipated TV series based on the fictional French master of thievery and disguise Arsène Lupin. His name in the Netflix show is Assane Diop, and he is played by Omar Sy.

The show’s first season, which aired last year, was watched by millions of people around the world, and it is up to date, the most successful French TV series ever…

However, the Lupin Season 3 set is not the only high-profile Netflix set that has been targeted by thieves. The day before the Paris heist, robbers in South Yorkshire, UK, stole over 200 antique props from the set of the TV series The Crown.

The stolen items were worth up to £150,000, including a replica of a Fabergé egg owned by the Queen’s grandfather, George V, in 1933.

In an unrelated incident in the Spanish province of Valencia, a film crew filming a bank robbery for another Netflix series was confronted and surrounded by a large police force, believing that the real robbery was taking place.

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