Castellon Airport Exceeds the Target For 2023… With 2 months To Go

The Castellon Airport is quickly becoming a busy addition to the Comunidad’s two existing airports, bringing an increasing number of tourists to our shores.

In a triumphant surge, Castellon Airport charts new heights, concluding its best-ever October and propelling its annual passenger count to nearly 260,000, a feat that surpasses the 2023 target of 250,000 users. 

With two months still remaining in the year, the airport not only achieves this ambitious goal but also marks a significant milestone by welcoming over a million passengers since the commencement of commercial flights in 2015.

October emerges as the standout month, with a record-breaking 27,414 passengers, representing an astounding 83% increase compared to October 2022. This performance underscores the airport’s unwavering momentum, bolstered by its strategic significance for the Valencian Community, acting as a catalyst for economic growth and the development of the province of Castellon, as emphasized by Salome Pradas, the Minister of Environment, Water, Infrastructure, and Territory.

The summer campaign, spanning from the end of March to the close of October, has been nothing short of historic for Castellon Airport. Operating a record-breaking eleven regular routes, the airport has witnessed an unprecedented surge in flights, solidifying its status as a key player in the regional aviation landscape.

The numbers tell a compelling story of success, with 259,685 travelers recorded in the first ten months of the year, surpassing the ambitious 2023 target set by Aerocas, the public company overseeing the airport’s operations. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the airport’s robustness and resilience, demonstrating its capacity to not only meet but exceed expectations.

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Celebrating a milestone of tremendous significance, Castellon Airport proudly announces that it has now welcomed over one million passengers since the inauguration of commercial flights in 2015. This milestone, achieved in October, positions the current fiscal year of 2023 as the airport’s most successful to date. The figures far surpass the results of 2022, with only 150,000 passengers, marking a remarkable and rapid ascent in the airport’s trajectory.

As Castellon Airport continues to soar to new heights, it not only underscores its pivotal role in regional connectivity but also cements its reputation as a thriving hub for tourists seeking access to the enchanting province of Castellon. With the year not yet concluded, the airport’s trajectory promises further milestones and reaffirms its standing as a beacon of success in the aviation landscape.

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