The Cheapest Places In Spain For Property Purchase In 2022

Looking for a Spanish bargain? A new report by web portal Idealista has named the cheapest places in Spain for property purchases in 2022.

Spain is one of the most popular destinations for European and British expats. Many expats flock to southern regions to enjoy year-round good weather.

A recent report by Idealista, the leading web portal in the country, has named the cheapest places in Spain for property purchase. 

According to the Idealista, the most affordable place for expats to buy a house in Spain is the suburb of El Carmen in Huelva. Property in El Carmen costs, on average, just 566 euros per square metre.

Located in southwestern Spain, Huelva has a population of just under 150,000 residents. This port city has a charming old town and is close to beautiful Costa de la Luz beaches. Huelva is famed for its cuisine and was named as the Gastronomic capital of Spain in 2017.

The second cheapest area to buy a house in Spain is the suburb of La Chanca in Almeria. Located in southeastern Spain, Almeria has many incredible sights but is not yet a popular spot with foreign tourists. Property in this suburb costs an average of 620 euros per square metre, according to Idealista data.

Visitors to Almeria can explore the incredible Alcazaba fortress and the Tabernas Desert. Sunshine loving expats from the North of the continent could opt for Almeria as it is one of the driest places in Europe and barely ever sees rain. The region is also a popular film location with many big movies, like Laurence of Arabia, filmed in the area.

The third cheapest spot for foreign buyers was located in the popular province of Alicante. Property in La Virgen de los Remedios in Alicante sells at a bargain price of just 677 euros per square metre. The popular neighbourhood is located on the outskirts of Alicante and expats won’t be far from the beach.

Resorts in Alicante province are extremely popular with British and European tourists, and if they purchase a property there,  expats in Alicante city will be able to enjoy traditional Spanish life and tourist amenities. The charming suburb is also home to the Parc Lo Morant, a lively park which includes an amphitheatre.

Torreblanca in Sevilla, Esperanza in Almeria, Magraners in Lleida, and La Magdalena in Jaen are also among the cheapest places in Spain to purchase real estate.

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