Mercadona Has Enough Stock To Get Us Through This Crisis

The president of Mercadona issued a reassuring message to customers, particularly those looking for sunflower oil: “We have more than enough merchandise.”

Juan Roig, the president of Mercadona, appeared in front of the media this week to present the company’s 2021 balance sheet. 

He took the opportunity to send a reassuring message to consumers who were desperate to buy and stockpile certain products, such as sunflower oil, whose production had been severely hampered since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

In his statement, Mercadona’s president confirmed that the company “has more than enough merchandise” and advised customers to refrain from stockpiling and the media to abstain from spreading alarming news.

Juan Roig has insisted that the distribution network in Spain and Portugal is well prepared and capable of supplying products to all consumers without issue.

He did, however, warn that “even if we have more than enough merchandise, if people start buying too much of one thing, it will run out.” Juan Roig compared the current situation with sunflower oil and olive oil to the early onset of the pandemic: “During confinement, the purchase of toilet paper multiplied by two, but at the end of the year, we sold the same amount as we would any other year.”

Concerning price increases, Roig confirmed that the current war scenario, like the Covid crisis, was “unimaginable” and “unpredictable,” and that under these conditions, companies “must make decisions, all of which are necessary, many of which are annoying, and some of which are unpopular.” Mercadona, on the other hand, has only one goal in mind: “our revenues must exceed our expenses.”

The public was also shown the most recent business data from Mercadona, which revealed that the company had 1.662 stores and 1.500 suppliers at the end of 2021. Mercadona was especially pleased that the company had reduced its margins and that its price increases were 2% lower than the official inflation rate.

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