Top Ten Cheapest Places To Buy Property In The Province of Valencia

With an average price of less than €560.00 per square metre, these ten villages are the cheapest places to buy property in Valencia Province in 2021.

Property bargain hunters have always had their eyes fixed on Spain. And that’s for a good reason. There’s a lot of cheap properties on the market. Even with the price increase experienced since 2015, some of the villages in the province of Valencia have never managed to get out of the major property crises that started in 2008 and still offer some extremely cheap properties.

With the current trend of the exodus from the city centres, they are becoming more and more interesting. Unfortunately, the biggest drawback is that years of crisis have taken their toll on the condition of these properties, some of them beyond repair and some of them in a sorry state.

We have compiled a list of the top ten cheapest places to buy property in the Province of Valencia in 2021, based on the average square metre price.

1. Rafelcofer

Located in the centre of the plain that forms the Serpis valley, halfway between Gandia and Oliva, and close to the highway, Rafelcofer is at the top of this list. It is a small, orange-growing municipality with only 1,400 inhabitants. The average price per square metre is €442.00. The distance from Valencia is 80 kilometres, but only six kilometres from the beach.

2. Corbera

Situated on the northern slopes of the Sierra de Corbera, on the right bank of the River Júcar, Corbera is a village with some 3,000 inhabitants. It is a very old village, now totally agricultural, dominated by the Castle of Corbera. Thanks to the river’s water supply, rice, oranges, potatoes, corn and vegetables are grown here and there is also some sheep farming. The average price is €485.00 per square metre. Valencia is 43 km away and the beaches of Cullera are 17 km away.

cheapest places to buy property in valencia
Castle of Corbera

3. Villanueva de Castellon

This village is situated at the junction of the rivers Júcar and Albaida, and is known for its rich history. There’s a little industry here, but Villanueva relies mainly on agriculture, oranges and vegetables. Approximately 7,000 people live in the city, connected to Valencia by Metro Line 1. (hold your breath, it takes forever). The average price per square metre is €502.00. The distance is 57 km from Valencia and 36 km from Cullera Beach.

4. Masalavés

Masalavés is another village on Metro Line 1, built on the top of a hill from which you can see Alzira, part of the Cullera Mountain and, on a good day, the castle of Játiva.

Only 1,600 people live here, and although they have relied on agriculture for a long time, the opening of the logistics park has given the town new energy. The average price per square metre is €520.00. Valencia is 61 kilometres away, and the beach is 34 kilometres away.

5. Albáida

The town is located on the left bank of the Albaida River, at an average altitude of 320 metres above sea level. Home to 6,000 people and a place full of historic monuments, it has long been known for its candle making industry. Part of the Borja Route and a very prominent town of the 16th century, Albaida was also the birthplace of Jose Segrelles, a famous Valencian painter. The average price of the property is €521.00 per square metre. The distance from Valencia is 88 kilometres and 44 kilometres from the beaches of Oliva.

6. Enguera

Enguera is famous for its olive groves and recently, rural tourism, including camping, country houses and even a hotel. Home to 4,800 people, it lies on the foothills of the Sierra de Enguera, known for its beauty and flora and fauna diversity. Once an important centre of the textile industry, today it is a sleepy town, some 97 kilometres from Valencia and 70 kilometres from the beaches of Gandia. The average square metre price in Enguera is €532.00

7. Simat de la Valldigna

Very prominent during the Muslim era, and now known for its magnificent monastery of Santa Maria de Valldigna, Simat is home to some 3,300 people. Located in a valley open to the sea, today it is mostly an orange-growing place. The average price per square metre is €550.00. The distance from Valencia is 80 kilometres, but only about 10 kilometres from the beaches.

8. Manuel 

Manuel is a small village on the right bank of the Albaida River, a place that grew around an old Muslim farm. Home to some 2,400 people, it relies on agriculture and is known for its pastry called “arnadí” (a sweet made from pumpkin, sweet potato and almond). The average price per square metre is €552.00. Some 64 kilometres from Valencia, it’s a lot closer to the beach, only 34 kilometres away.

9. Albalat de la Ribera

Another town that used irrigation and proximity to Júcar for agriculture, Albalat was known for its rice, but over the years the cultivation of citrus fruit has become the main source of income for the municipality. Now, there’s also some industry here. It is a flat area with a rich history, only 15 kilometres from the beach and 40 kilometres from Valencia. The furniture and building sectors, with agriculture, are the source of income for some 3,300 people living here. The average price per square metre is €555,00.

10. La Pobla Larga

Known as an important trade centre in the 19th century, La Pobla Larga, home to some 4,400 people, is now an orange-growing town. Well connected to the railroad, it is 54 kilometres from Valencia and 32 kilometres from Cullera beaches. It’s a picturesque village with some interesting sights, and it has its own music school. The average square metre price in Pobla Larga today is €563.00

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