Civil Servants In Valencia To Boil This Summer

A bad winter will probably change into a hot summer, but this will most likely affect civil servants in Valencia and Spain who have been told by the government that they cannot use air cons as they used to.

Civil servants in Valencia will have a hot summer, since they will be facing higher temperatures at work, as the government implements energy-saving measures to lessen the country’s reliance on Russian oil and gas.

The cabinet approved the proposal on Tuesday, 25.05, and it includes temperature controls in public workplaces, widespread installation of solar panels on public building roofs, and encouraging staff to work from home more often.

In the summer, office air conditioning should be set no lower than 27 degrees Celsius, making the classic Spanish folding fan a frequent office accessory. According to a preliminary draft, the civil servants in Valencia will not only boil, but freeze come winter, since the heating would be set at no more than 19 degrees Celsius.

Summer temperatures in Spain can often exceed 40 degrees Celsius, and since the weather services predict very hot summer, this will be a challenging task not only for the city officials, but for their clients too.

The initiative, which is part of an EU-wide drive to reduce reliance on Russian gas and oil, would also encourage public employees to take public transportation or bicycles to go to work and will turn down the lights in public buildings sooner.

Italy has already announced intentions to reduce air conditioning use this summer in order to preserve energy.

“Even if Spain has the lowest exposure to Russian energy in the European Union, it is clear that we are not immune to rising energy prices,” Finance Minister Maria Jesus Montero told reporters when revealing the details of the energy savings plan.

According to a senior ministry source, the steps aimed to cut the central administration’s energy use by 25%.

Spain scarcely uses Russian gas, but by reducing energy use, the government intends to assist friends wean themselves off Russian supplies by re-exporting more of the gas Spain buys from producing nations other than Russia, according to government sources in recent weeks.

The European COVID-19 recovery funds allocated to improving the energy efficiency of public buildings will contribute 1 billion euros ($1.07 billion) to the energy savings programme.

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