Ukrainians In Spain – More Than 120.000 People Arrived So Far

The number of Ukrainians in Spain is constantly increasing. So far, more than 120,000 people have come to Spain fleeing Russia’s invasion, according to government data. If you would like to assist people coming to Valencia, contact Graham Tyner and Rissana Shytu from Settle Easy at their El Carmen support centre.

The great majority of Ukrainians in Spain, just shy of 109,000, have been given temporary protection status, a European Union policy in effect for the first time since it was drafted in the aftermath of the Balkan conflicts, while 3,000 have found jobs.

According to the most recent data from Spain’s interior ministry, 67 percent of individuals given refuge status in Spain are women, compared to 33 percent who are men, reflecting Ukraine’s martial law and mass mobilization programs.

The data of Spain’s ministry of inclusion, social security, and migration, shows that the number of working-age Ukrainian refugees with temporary protection status, which allows them to access services such as healthcare and the labor market, was 47,231, with women representing 77% of the total.

Three thousand of Ukrainians in Spain had found jobs and were enrolled with the social security system.

A typical Ukrainian refugee in Spain is a female, approximately 30-years-old, with a higher degree in fields like as economics, engineering, computer science, and law.

In Valencia, a modest refugee centre has been established in El Carmen, thanks to the efforts of Graham Tyner and Rissana Shytu from Settle Easy Valencia, at the offices of Expat Hub at Calle Pintor Zariñena 5. Tuesdays (12-15), Wednesdays (10-13), Fridays (14-118) and Saturdays are the days that the centre is open (12-14). If you want to donate or simply help, come in and chat to them during the business hours.

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