A Man Gets 87 Doses Of The COVID Vaccine So He Can Sell The Stickers

If you were concerned about the contents of the COVID vaccine and the short-term consequences it could have had on your health, you can breathe a sigh of relief. A German man in his sixties received at least 87 shots of the COVID vaccine and is still alive and kicking.

A unique and highly publicised story from a local German newspaper, Freie Presse, reported that a 61-year-old German resident from Magdeburg got at least 87 doses of the COVID vaccine, sometimes up to three doses per day, at several health centres.

He was apprehended at a vaccination centre in Eilenburg, Saxony, when he showed up for a COVID-19 shot for the second day in a row.. One of the centres’ employees recognized him and alerted the cops. The German Red Cross pressed charges against the man on suspicion of selling vaccination passports. Criminal investigations are presently underway in Saxony, with police in other German states also looking into this case.

The suspect registered for the vaccine appointments using his own name and birthdate, but he did not bring his health insurance card to the appointments, which may have alerted authorities sooner. According to his testimony, he would carry a blank vaccination card with him every time he visited a vaccination centre, but after obtaining a Covid vaccine, he would remove the batch number sticker and sell it to individuals who needed the vaccination proof but refused to be vaccinated.

It’s unclear how he got around the system, but the newspaper reports that the issue isn’t that he never supplied his health insurance information, but that the vaccination administrators never asked for it.

As a result, he established a modest but profitable business based on genuine, rather than fabricated, stickers. It is uncertain what vaccinations he received, however he most certainly received all of the different strains available in Germany.

According to the police, his first immunisation occurred in July 2021, and it is probable that he received more than 87 vaccines during the previous 9 months. He displays no evidence of any vaccine-related complications, and the physicians do not expect the immunizations to have any short- or long-term effects.

This instance exposed weaknesses in Germany’s health-care system, where medical information is largely not digitised or centrally stored.

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