Cuina Oberta 2023: A Gourmet Extravaganza Returns to Valencia

More than 50 restaurants in Valencia participate in Cuina Oberta 2023, a renewed edition that aims to exalt the quality and excellence of Valencian local and seasonal products.

Valencia, the enchanting Spanish city renowned for its culture, history, and stunning coastal vistas, is about to become the epicenter of culinary excellence and gastronomic delight. From November 9th to 19th, 2023, Valencia will host a new edition of the Cuina Oberta Festival, Cuina Oberta 2023, a remarkable event that celebrates the very essence of Valencian cuisine. With over 25 editions of the successful Cuina Oberta festival under its belt, this new iteration promises a fresh perspective, innovative experiences, and a renewed commitment to culinary exploration.

Cuina Oberta 2023 – An Evolution of Excellence

Cuina Oberta 2023 is not just a continuation of past traditions; it marks an evolution. A rejuvenated logo, signage, and a user-friendly website, in harmony with the Delicious Valencia brand, have been meticulously designed to enhance the booking experience. The creative force behind this transformation is Valencian designer Jorge Lawerta, whose talents shine through the stunning poster for this edition.

The festival’s mission goes beyond satiating the palate. Over the course of ten unforgettable days, it aspires to spotlight the excellence of local ingredients and the ingenious artistry of Valencian gastronomy. Chefs and culinary experts will be your guides on an extraordinary sensory journey, engaging all five senses. Expect cocktail and cooking workshops that invite you to smell, see, hear, and even touch the world of gastronomy.

Diverse Culinary Experiences

Cuina Oberta 2023 offers a diverse array of culinary experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the pastoral ambiance of Brasserie Sorolla and take part in herding flocks or embark on a fascinating journey through history with a visit to a Roman ludus at Alma de Temple. For those who cherish culinary culture, explore the inner workings of Mercavalencia and the mythical ‘Tira de Count.’

This year, the festival welcomes new additions to the Valencian gastronomic scene. Hotaru, Symposio, Alejandro Platero, Bon Aire in El Palmar, La Perfumería, Kuzina, Juliana, and Restaurante Raro join the lineup, offering even more options to pamper your palate. The festival’s expanding roster promises to make this edition an even more remarkable culinary journey.

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Flavors of Valencia and Seasonal Bounties

The heart of Cuina Oberta 2023 lies in its diverse menus, available for reservations starting October 30th. These delectable offerings are categorized into three price ranges, making it accessible for all. 

You can savor cuisine that emphasizes quality local ingredients, with lunch options starting from 28 euros and dinner from 36 euros. Should you desire an opulent gourmet experience, consider the menus with supplements, available from 48 euros for lunch and 56 euros for dinner. Those in pursuit of an indulgent culinary adventure can explore Michelin-starred restaurants like Lienzo, El Poblet, La Salita, or Riff, with menus ranging from 80 euros for lunch to 100 euros for dinner. 

The diversity of menus ensures a wide range of options featuring the flavors of Valencia and meticulous preparations.

Promoting Valencia’s Culinary Riches

Cuina Oberta 2023 is the crowning gastronomic event in Valencia, proudly organized by the Valencia City Council in collaboration with Visit València, València Turisme, and Turisme Comunitat Valenciana. This initiative underscores Valencia’s deep-rooted commitment to culinary culture and ensures a memorable experience for all connoisseurs of fine dining.

From November 9th to 19th,  Cuina Oberta 2023  will be your passport to explore the rich tapestry of Valencian cuisine. This extraordinary celebration promises to redefine the city’s gastronomic experience, leaving an indelible mark on all those who appreciate the artistry of food. If you’re an epicurean at heart, or simply curious about culinary exploration, mark your calendars for this unparalleled event in Valencia.

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