Gulliver Park Is Now Open – A Great New Year Present For Valencia Skaters

After extensive repairs, the Turia Garden skatepark area, also known as Gulliver Park, has finally reopened.

Gulliver Park has reopened after repairs were completed by the Department of Urban Ecology. The park had been used for a long time without any additional investment, and it was past time to take action to preserve this Valencia landmark.

Although opened in 1990. the park was renovated only once, in 2012.

However, the renovation of Gulliver Park was done on a much larger scale this time, and the park now has a 500-square-meter track as well as a 50-square-meter beginners track for those who are new to this urban sport. Existing cracks have been chopped and repaired, as well as loose material remnants.

To ensure that the new material adheres to the old, the park was painted with a special paint primer. According to Sergi Campillo, deputy mayor, there are also plans to paint murals in the area as part of a Turia river art project called “A River of Art.”

But, there is more to this news. The City Council plans to improve the area in the future by expanding existing Park and adding a skating rink, bringing the total usable area to up to 2000 square metres.

“We want skaters to be involved in future projects because they are the ones who know what their real needs are.” The plan is to develop this area as soon as possible so that we can complete the comprehensive remodelling once we have the funds. This will allow us to improve not only the park, but also the Turia Gardens facilities,” Campillo explained.

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