Unbelievable – 25.000 Low-Cost Tickets To Madrid Sold In Just 4 Hours.

Renfe began selling low-cost tickets to Madrid at 8 p.m. last night, and by midnight, 25.000 had been sold. However, if you are planning a trip in May or June, there are still plenty of €7 tickets available.

(21.01.) The long-awaited sale of low-cost tickets to Madrid began yesterday, and the new, lower prices caused complete Internet chaos. In the first hours after the sale started on the website, the company managed to sell a whooping 25.000 tickets for its new Avlo service, which is set to begin on 21 of February 21st.

The sale began last night at 8:00 p.m., and due to high demand, the company enabled a ‘waiting list’ option, which saw people standing by their computers and phones for an average of 15 minutes to purchase the low-cost tickets to Madrid.

According to the company, 25,000 tickets were sold until midnight, demonstrating unprecedented interest in this type of travel to the capital. The Valencia-Madrid route is Avlo’s second low-cost offering in Spain. Since last June, the first low-cost trains have been inaugurated on the most profitable route in the entire network, Madrid-Barcelona, and the occupancy rate on these trains has consistently hovered around 100%.

In this new offer, through it´s carrier Avlo, Renfe offers low-cost tickets to Madrid starting at only 7 euros each way, though during peak times and dates (weekends, long weekends, and holidays), the price can rise to 15, 19, or even 25 euros.

Additional services, such as seat selection, changes or cancellations, and additional luggage, can be added on top of the starting price. The base price includes a complimentary cabin suitcase and handbag.

Children under the age of 14 pay a basic fare of 5 euros when purchased in conjunction with an adult ticket, with a maximum of two child tickets per adult. There are also discounts of 20% for large families in the general category and 50% for large families in the special category.

Avlo’s commercial service between Madrid and Valencia will begin on February 21 with six daily departures, three in each direction, for a total of approximately 2,200 seats per day. Furthermore, four Avlo trains (two in each direction) will stop at the Cuenca Fernando Zobel and Requena-Utiel stations.

The first train will depart from Madrid-Puerta de Atocha at 06:30, arriving at Valencia-Joaqun Sorolla at 08:23. The first train in the opposite direction will leave Valencian station at 09:28 and arrive in Madrid at 11:20.

The Avlo website, where you can purchase low-cost tickets to Madrid, works much better than the Renfe website, but stock is quickly selling out. You can still get some great deals for March departures at €7 euros, but they are mostly for the night train, which departs Valencia at 21.10. In March, morning and afternoon trains cost €15 and €19, respectively, depending on the day of travel. The same is true for April, while in May, there are still plenty of tickets available for any of three trains for just €7.

With two more players expected to enter the market soon, it is projected that by the summer, the price range of €7 to €15 will become the norm, and we will no longer need to buy low-cost tickets to Madrid months in advance just to get a better deal.

More information and tickets you can obtain on Avlo website

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