Valencian Barrios Are Encouraged to Hold Their Own Mascletas

According to the City Council, there will be more mascletas in Valencia:  from now on barrios will be encouraged and subsidised to organise their own fireworks displays.

Valencia City Council wants to expand the fireworks in the neighbourhoods in addition to the 19 events scheduled for the upcoming Fallas 2022 festivities. Due to the health crisis, Fallas 2021 was celebrated in an unusual manner, with fireworks held in various parts of the city for the first time. That’s how this idea came to be.

The Councilor for Festive Culture, Carlos Galiana, has informed the media of the City Council’s decision to keep the 19 mascletas in the Town Hall Square, but to add some more in different barrios throughout the city.

“We intend to continue with the mascletas in the neighbourhoods, as promised by the mayor, Joan Ribó,” Galiana said.

However, due to the unpredictability of the current situation, it is still difficult to predict whether or not we will have Fallas in 2022. However, even if the fireworks are not organised, the budget will be added to the festivities for the following year.

“We have a budget for pyrotechnics, and it will continue to be for pyrotechnics regardless of what happens. If the time comes when we are unable to hold mascletas in the Plaza de Ayuntamiento, we will decide where and how they can be held. The funds will not be diverted “, explained the counsellor.

The Council will also provide subsidies to neighbourhoods that wish to organise their own Mascletas, but it is unclear whether these will take place during the upcoming Fallas, and which barrios will stage their own fireworks.

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