Circuses In Valencia In 2021: It’s Time for Some New Clowns

The Christmas season is a great time to visit the circuses in Valencia, and regardless of the current situation, there will be plenty of shows available this year.

Although daily life is increasingly resembling a circus, there are still some distinct differences that may warrant a visit to one of the many circuses in Valencia that will attempt to entertain us during Christmas 2021. If you want to pay them a visit or take your child to see “the greatest show on Earth,” here is a list of available shows in Valencia.

Circ de Nadal

Circ de Nadal began its 2021 season in late November, with a magical Christmas show featuring goblins, snowmen, elves, nutcrackers, and penguins, as well as traditional Christmas songs. The main attraction is the participation of  Popey Jr, the National Circus Prize winner in Spain, who appears in “The Magic Clown” show. 

The circus will be in Valencia until 9 January and it is in Alfafar, next to the MN4 shopping centre. Prices range from € 7.50 (children’s tickets) to € 25 (adult tickets). The organiser is also giving away tickets for children if an adult member of the family shares the show’s promotional image on their Facebook feed and shows it at the box office. 

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Circo Raluy Legacy

The Raluy Legacy Circus returns to Valencia this Christmas after a two-year long break. This company, one of the most interesting circuses in Valencia, offers a one-of-a-kind show called TODO (LO) CURA.

TODO (LO) CURA is a spectacle full of humour, joy, and optimism, which we all need these days. It is the brainchild of the Raluy family, who have been in the entertainment business for nearly a century, and is one of Valencia’s most traditional circuses. The show lasts 90 minutes and is filled with emotions, skill, risk, impossible acrobatics, and magic, as well as a large audience participation. The show’s stars are sisters Louisa and Kerry Raluy, who perform a unique and risky act.

TODO (LO) CURA is on display at the Marina Sur de València until February 6, and tickets can be purchased through the website, where there are also discounts of up to 50% depending on the session.

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Gran Circo Alaska

The new Bartolito Farm Musical, presented by Great Alaska Circus, is a show in which the little ones will enjoy singing and dancing like never before with the farm animals and Uncle Zenon. In the business of entertaining the entire family, the company presents a show featuring new aerialists, contortionists, and tightrope walkers, as well as riskier acts than ever before.

Until January 9, the Gran Circo Alaska will perform on the Bulevar Sur, next to the Valencia cemetery. Children under the age of two enter for free, while the rest of the children and adults must pay an entrance fee ranging from € 6 to € 40.

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Gran Circo Wonderland

This Christmas, one of the  oldest circuses in Valencia returned to the city. Gran Circo Wonderland, which began 42 years ago, has provided entertainment in Valencia for the last 15 Christmases in a row. This year’s show is divided into three parts: a pirate show to begin, a traditional circus second part, and a funny third part reserved for clowns.

The Great Wonderland Circus is set up, as usual, on Pio Baroja avenue, in front of the Bioparc, and it will stay in Valencia until 23 January. Ticket prices range from € 10 to € 37

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Cirkus Kaos

Cirkus Kaos is probably the most unconventional of all the circuses in Valencia. It is a ten-year-old company that offers a modern and innovative show called “Crazy” that will not leave anyone indifferent. It is still a family-friendly event with jugglers, clowns, and trapeze artists. The show’s main attraction is a motorcycle act in which three motorcycles race alongside a metal sphere at nearly 100 km/h.

Cirkus Kaos is located in Torrent, right next to Parc Central, and will be open until January 9th. Furthermore, on Sundays at 12 p.m., they offer various promotions, including 2×1 for over 65s and a free children’s ticket if an adult ticket is purchased. The standard price ranges from € 10 to € 20.

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Ante, El Magnifico

This Christmas, Ante, el Magnifico presents a new show in which the audience is told an endearing story that transports them back to their childhood. The organisers claim that a story combined with spectacular stunts and circus acts will leave both children and adults speechless.

The performances will be held at the La PlaZeta Theater, Av. del Primat Reig, 8, from December 25 to January 5, and tickets are € 12 or € 20.

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Cabaret de Navidad

The Associació Valenciana de Circ (AVC) organises the Christmas Cabaret, which is in its 72nd year. The show features a variety of circus acts, including juggling, acrobatics, and dances. Cabaret de Navidad’s goal is to promote circus culture in Valencia, and all funds raised are used to fund projects such as Espai Circ, a space where circus fans can learn and train.

The 72nd Christmas Cabaret will only have one performance, on December 29th, at the Teatre Agricola de Alboraya. It costs € 4.12 for AVC members and € 5.16 for everyone else.

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